Last Of Us Part II Trailer Just Dropped And Ellie Got Bars!

Make no mistake, I may be on the side of the angels, but I am not one of them.Sherlock Holmes

Ayo, remember when that Marvel vs Capcom 4 Trailer dropped and we were like oh shit, new video games news stuntin’ on a Saturday, just what I needed? Nah, me neither fam. Not when this shit hit the street like Blue Magic in 1970s Manhattan. Yo, we been knowing that The Last of Us Part 2 was coming, but that’s like being told you getting a Christmas Bonus on your last check of the year. You looking forward to that shit, but it doesn’t mean you ain’t let them thug tears fall when the shit actually come through. So for the purposes of this analogy, I’ve stopped crying by now and am ready spit on this trailer.


First thing you gonna notice which is a staple for Naughty Dog in general and TLOU specifically: This shit looks fucking gorgeous. Fucking, gorgeous, yo. Woods all photo realistic like like you upgraded the filter on your IG shots to God’s vision. Shit is mad serene at first until you see the rusted out and overgrown cars, so then you know we in some dystopia. Then when you seen that shit zoom out (and as the live crowd in the video proves) and you see the infamous Firefly symbol, then you KNEW what time it was, fam. This is not a fucking drill. Possible Kill Screen coming, Possible Kill Screen coming.

“But I can’t walk on the path of the right // cause I’m wrong.”

We get to the interior of the house and we see the shaking hands of someone with the tats on the forearm, freshly scarred, tuning a guitar. They get to plucking the strings and yes, yes lawd, that’s Ellie “I done seen all the Things” I don’t even need a canonical Last Name singing the blue notes fam. Ellie, SING. THAT. SHIT. Don’t mind the fact that she is currently bleeding from the dome. Don’t mind the fact there are dead folks everywhere in this house, or the shadowy figure walking through the house towards Ellie with the revolver clutched by their side, we trying to get this hymnal off first, b!

I don’t even need to tell you who the dude walking through the spot is, cuz his voice is all too familiar with the “What you are doing kiddo?” But I do know that Ellie ain’t a little kid anymore and I don’t know what the fuck the Fireflies have done (or what Joel told her since the first game ends on a straight up lie), but I do know that when she got a dead man laying at her feet, blood dripping from her temple and she stopped strumming with the tatted up hand long enough to say “I’m going find and I’m going to kill ever last one of them,” I was DONNNNNNNNNE. Done fam. When is the release date? Not soon enough. What details did we get? Doesn’t fucking matter. Sign. Me. Up.

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    Lmao.. loved it.

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