Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Is Here and Captain Marvel Is The #1 Draft Pick

The cyber streets was talking about Marvel vs Capcom 4 being announced this weekend and we were all waiting for the anticipation of what was to be. We’ve argued over the greatest fighting games among our friends and even here on the site (which caused a rift for a few weeks) but no one can deny that the Marvel Vs Capcom series is one that can not be denied when we talking about the GOAT fighting games. Well the weekend came and we got a look into the next installment of the series and although there’s no gameplay, the hype alone is enough of a beast to get you off the couch shouting, “I’ma buy that shit”.

We see some of our faves in here with Mega Man and Iron Man fighting over what looks to be an Infinity Gem maybe? Ryu steps in to help out the blue bomber and then…. I said and then…. Captain Marvel Carol Danvers steps in and shit gets real. Fam, they got Captain Marvel in the series now? Rocking that Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez creative team era outfit? I’m fucking with it! But then your girl goes in on Ryu with the ill feminist fists of fury?! What?! What?! Folks you ain’t gotta wait till the movie to see Carol Danvers throw hands. She is out here doing it right the fuck now looking at Ryu like, “I know you the face of the most recognized fighter of all time but…. we don’t believe you, you need more people.”


Maaaaaaaaaan, 2017 going be one hell of a year for the gamer market with this jawn right here. We got Captain Marvel debuting, we got a whole new story line incorporating some gems perhaps, plus y’all done seen that big bad at the end. Who dat? Who dat be? That Ultron and Thanos hopping in on the track? Man, Marvel Vs Capcom 4 will make you believe the hype.

Fuck everyting I said about there not being gameplay yet. The gameplay video is out people. I repeat the gameplay video is out. They done sent the nudes yo. They done went and dropped the “hey big head” text famlay. what I like best about this is that the characters look smaller like the original sprites back in the Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and not the third. This is all Birdman hand rub worthy right here.

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