Life After Death Still Looks Gorgeous in Reborn #2

Writer: Mark Millar / Artist: Greg Capullo / Image Comics

Our 2nd issue of Reborn does an excellent job of breaking down this new world that Bonnie has fallen into and is expected to be the savior of. We get out first good look at, and insight into, the Dark Lands we saw those shook goblin lookin’ creatures mention. We meet a few more of Bonnie’s old friends and some old acquaintances that have changed. More importantly, we get a much deeper understanding of the cause and effects the old world has on this new one.


Bonnie is amazed at everything she sets her eyes on, obviously. Her father Big Tom, explains that in Adystria you are just as real as you were before taking your last breathe. Here, you are reborn into a new version of yourself, but nobody knows why you come back at your reborn age. Another huge distinction is that this world is divided between those who were good and those who weren’t. Those who were kind or put others before themselves are reborn in Adystria after they die, while the bad individuals go to the Dark Lands. The kinder and more selfless you were, the stronger you come back. For as long as anyone can remember, the people of Adystria have been at war with those from the Dark Lands and Bonnie is the one that is supposed to save them from “all the bullshit.”

Sidebar: While Tom is breaking all this down, Capullo is out here do the Lawd’s work in his drawing of the afterlife! His depiction of Adystria is a wonder to behold. The panels are filled with detail, colors, and scenery while the cities are filled with astounding architecture from numerous cultures and backgrounds. This issue really shows you that this is an afterlife filled with people who have brought their influences and beliefs through with them.

Bonnie gets the full good vs evil rundown and finds out the legends say she will be the one to face Lord Golgotha, the goon runnin’ shit in the Dark Lands. Some mystical servant lookin’ guys arrive to deliver the long protected weapon of their savior. Bonnie looked at this sword like, “Do these fools realize I was just a grade school teacher? I am no Joan of Arc Adystria.” Tom feels the doubt in her heart and expands on his statement from earlier. The good come back strong and those who were kind to everyone come back nearly unbeatable. Bonnie my dear, you always gave your time to help the less fortunate, so you got the juice girl. She’s like, “Bet. But first I need to find my husband, Harry. You’ve been looking for mom dukes since you been here, so you understand don’t you?” Big Tom couldn’t let his little girl down, so he decides to join her in her search. They ask the people for a month to find Harry before entering their war, and set out.

A few important things happen in their initial search for Harry. The first is that the pets you once had in your former life play a role on your reborn life. They are somewhat tethered to you and able to seek loved ones out in this new world that is ten times bigger than Earth. Big Tom and their war horse sized dog, Roy-Boy have been looking for his wife for decades but haven’t found her. First red flag, but I’ll get back to that in another issue. The second big thing is that Bonnie’s best friend Estelle was reborn as the Queen of the faeries, an incredibly powerful individual. But she has been neglecting her duties in this life and locked herself away, resulting in this evil ass Golgotha mufucka getting bold lately.

The last thing we learn is that Estelle, in her mystical ebony throne sitting glory, does not have one single fuck to give for Tom or the half-wit teacher she used to hang out with. She don’t give half a damn about the joy on Bonnie’s face or the words of encouragement she gave Bonnie when Harry died (which landed her in this savior role). She was a devout woman, and now simply doesn’t give a shit after feeling spurned that the whole God, religion, heaven and hell thing didn’t really pan out. The whole artistic team did work on Estelle’s facial expressions, btw. Lawd I was dying when she hit them with the chopped and screwed look then dismissed the both of ’em with a flick of the wrist. You really got a good sense for how large and in-charge this Queen could be. Loved that little faerie whisper into Estelle’s ear, especially ironic after that “faeries are terrible gossips” joke earlier. Estelle knows Bonnie is the truth, and it’s only a matter of time before we see the besties reunite.

Our final visual and literary treat of this issue comes from the most unexpected place: The Dark Lands. Two new players have entered the game and their names are Neddlebed and General Frost. We don’t get much info on Neddlebed besides his unflinching devotion to Lord Golgotha, who we get our first look at in all his menacing melancholy. He’s a frightening enemy that is casually doing laps in the blood of captured Adystrians. Backstroke through floating dead bodies. That’s what Golgotha is about.

But if I’m keepin it a buck, General Frost is the character that gives me the most insight into this world. This cat is another one of Bonnie’s old pets, but this feline is bathed in Dark Lands gloom. Ya see, General Frost didn’t have the warm, loving life of eating ice cream in the park with Bonnie that Roy-Boy got. She didn’t hold her cat through the night as he passed away. He got cat food and his balls clipped at the tender age of 9 months! My cats and dem don’t forget!! Those memories have spawned a cold blooded killer in this life. A fur ball with a vendetta, and Golgotha is here for all of it. General Frost showcases his particular set of skills and capabilities by launching six ice daggers through the bodies of Golgotha’s servants! Ice skewers. And with that, our issue ends with Lord Golgotha basically saying, “It’s lit! Prepare a team of hitters.”

Issue #2 of Reborn included little to no action and remains just as engrossing as it’s 1st. The world building and character development is through the roof. I’m digging the Good vs. Evil setup. Cant wait to see what Bonnie is capable of.

9 Gossiping Faeries out of 10

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