Writer~ Rick Remender
Artist~ Greg Tocchini


Ahhhh. Issue number two.  I remembering looking the cover art to issue #1 and thinking, “Wow. That’s awfully pretty.” And then looking at the cover art for the next issue,  issue #2 and making a face similar to this:


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But I digress. I told myself to go ahead and read the issue before making any judgement. So here we go:

There was a time jump here, folks. ten years have passed since the events that took place in Issue #1.

Ten years  since Shel and Johl, the parents of three children who live under the sea in the mega city and the tragic events that left them ambushed, the girls taken and Johl with serious injuries.



Ten years and Shel is at their home, living in the past and still choosing to surround herself with her family–what it used to be. Flashbacks reveal to us that Shel and Johl stayed together after the attack the girls and that left Johl’s life hanging in the balance. He was heavily injured and their ship was just barely hanging together after being breached. This issue shows us that of Johl’s last moments with his wife and Shel telling promising that she would survive and find their girls.

Ten years later, present time the only family that Shel has is her son Marik, who stays busy. Too busy nowadays as the version of the cop to take her calls on a regular basics and visit her.  She feels confident in telling him that she wants to go search for the girls, who Marik does decide to tell her that it’s not a good idea and to let sleeping dogs lay.

And let’s get back to that cover art, shall we?


Annnnnnnnd to the backstory of that cover art….Marik gets a little “help” in coping with life by way of a well known drug in the city. The drug releases a high so euphoric, it’s unlike anything he’s ever come across. For him, he can pretend to be anything, even a Roman Centurion conquering the spoils of war by way of a virgin. But the high doesn’t last long and he finds situations in the real world pressing. He ends up getting himself into some serious trouble that possibly not even his mother can help him out of. What he did provide us is the relevant information that ten years have passed and things have gotten ugly, even uglier down here. The place is toxic: living conditions are getting worse and it won’t be long till the whole place collapses on itself.


A lot of information to be processed here. A lot going on as this story is quickly unfolding and I don’t want to get lost. One thing is for certain, Shel is taking front stage here which surprises me. I got a hint about this from the end of last issue but I’m really curious to see what steps she takes next in her goal to save her children. The story is still building and I hope it’s consistent enough that it doesn’t lose folks on the way. Shel believes in her heart that she survived for a reason and like a probe out amongst the stars she is certain , if given the chance, she will live with a clear purpose. Till next issue where we can follow her as Remender and Tocchini show us the way.


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