March Multimedia Multiverse Madness, Match 2: Hinata Hyūga v. Maka

Next up: Hinata Hyuga from Naruto

Ja-Quan: Who’s out here holding the Village Hidden in the Leaves?! Who carrying the torch for one of the greatest clans of all time?! Tell me who want it with the only ninja who had the audacity to step to the hardest killa in known existence, Pain, who massacred the whole town and had ya boy Naruto chakra rod skewered up?! Hinata fuckin Hyūga! Any woman who steps to Hinata better recognize she bout to get these hands & chakra point exploitation something wild. Offensively and defensively, Maka pales in comparison to Hinata.

Maka’s sword is nice when she’s battling wack ass evil humans, but this is a fight with one of the finest shinobi in the land. Hinata possesses one of the three great visual jutsu, the Byakugan. This gives her the clear advantage to see Maka’s chakra flow and points, then use her gentle fist to disrupt those flows and leave the young soul eater unable to move her extremities or completely shut down her internal organs. Defensively, you best believe that Hinata got her kunai on deck in a worse case scenario… but that won’t be necessary with the Eight Trigrams 64 Palms move. She gonna be out here hittin Maka with that deadly spinarooni, leaving her sick with envy. Her defense is impeccable and there is nothing Maka could do to stop our girl when Hinata whips out her Blazing Twin Lion Fists or chakra needles and goes for the kill.

Fighting Against: Maka from Soul Eater

Willie: Are we really doing this? Is this a real fight? Oh, it is? Alright. Maka Albarn a.k.a. Maka GOD DAMN is one of, if not, the strongest meisters in the Soul Eater world. Along with her death scythe Soul, she battles demons, witches, and gods while keeping her grades up in school. With her anti-demon wavelength for defense against magic, madness, and impurities, she’s the epitome of a perfect defense and an explosive offense.

Maka wields her weapon with style and grace while attacking with pinpoint precision. She’s able to slice and dice the toughest enemies and defend against god-level attacks. Attacks that would render a normal ninja or human useless. Maka’s track record has her defeating many more skilled and experienced opponents through sheer willpower and technique. She mixes up her opponents by throwing in capoeira along with her scythe. Sure the byakugan can see Maka’s ‘chakra’ points, but everyone in the Soul Eater universe can see their opponents energy. That ain’t no thang.

In addition to her attack power that can cut mountains in half and end the lives of god-like beings, she’s also able to withstand attacks from these beings. She’s been smashed from hundreds of feet in the air and withstood a screech that made the strongest meisters fall to their knees. Her heart is sound. She’s determined and when she sets her sights on a target, she executes. Are Twin Lion Fists a god-level attack? Did Hinata defeat any gods? Maka would dance circles around her faster than Neji in the Chūnin Exams.

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  • Garser Dismuke

    Hinata getting wrecked

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