Midnighter #1 Review

writer: Steve Orlando / artist: ACO / DC Comics

As a comic book reader, you often have the thought that you’d want to see certain panels come alive on either the big or small screen. DC’s Midnighter #1 looks like it was meant to give readers just that thought.

Full disclosure here, I knew nothing about Midnighter before picking up this book – and that made the reading experience that much better. The first thing I came away with: he’s a killing machine that rivals some of the most tactical assassins in comics. He comes fully equipped with enhanced fighting abilities and a computer chip in his brain that helps him predict millions of outcomes of a fight before the first punch.

The story serves as a solid jumping-in point for those unfamiliar with the character, such as myself. From the first pages, we get an understanding of what these characters in the universe are capable of. To be fair, the only thing we haven’t seen someone do yet is fly. So that’s promising.

Midnighter #1 Preview

Midnighter appears to be working his way through a rough patch in his personal life. For one, he’s turned to online dating to fill a void left by his husband, Apollo. But he doesn’t seem to have much problem catching the eye of any interested suitors.

But lucky for him, like most super-powered people, he can put dealing with his persona life on hold because murderous bad guys pop up every few minutes.

Midnighter #1 is a big win for DC on the representation front. They’ve knocked off including the LGBTQ community with the title character and racial minorities by having his rebound be a young African American man and his former boss an Asian woman.

Looking forward to seeing more, especially these battle scenes which need to be seen on some sort of screen to fully appreciate.

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