The Mighty Thor #23 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Valerio Schiti / Marvel Comics

Jason Aaron has certainly laid out some incredible Thor mythology over the past few years that I’ve mentioned many times, is sure to come up in conversation for quite some time, when they talk about epic Thor runs. But sweet little baby Jimi Hendrix in a manger… I am going to miss Jane Foster as Thor. Aaron’s run as a whole has been a fine toothed comb that carefully grazes through what we know of Marvel’s pantheon and really asks some fun but meaningful questions about what it means to be a god.

And issue #23 proves to be no different. The War of Thors rages on between Jane and the walking Meat Loaf album cover known as the War Thor. Aaron is so full of imagination script-wise, it makes me envious. I could never imagine myself sitting at my desk dreaming up awesome ways to pit Thor against a Gwar concert. Anyway, even though a lot of the script was devoted to the battle spanning across the ten realms (yeah, it’s ten now… that crept up on me too), there was a surprisingly effective scene in which Odinson and Rosalind Solomon touch base after more than two years and at least two title reboots. It was a refreshing moment to watch the Odinson have to eat a little crow over the way he’s known to handle his relationships. Neglecting your not-quite-girlfriend because you’re depressed that you lost your hammer more or less makes you the Lawrence of Asgardia.

Valerio Schiti has proven to be a worthy successor to the nigh-flawless Russell Dauterman. Though the realms aren’t quite as lush and whimsical as Dauterman’s usual, but Schiti’s color palette still falls right in line with the usual aesthetic. Without spoiling the book, there’s a point where the tide turns in Jane’s favor and it might be one of the best looking scenes of the series altogether.

Bottom Line: Jason Aaron might have outdone himself. The Mighty Thor might have surpassed his own God of Thunder series as the best Thor book in the past ten years (Yes, I’m including the JMS run… fight me). This issue definitely proves why Jane deserves to hold the hammer and why we won’t fully appreciate her tenure as Thor until we don’t have her anymore.

9.5 Jeff Goldblum Cameos out of 10

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