Mister Miracle #8 Review

King and Gerads continue home run hits with the best book of 2017-2018
Mister Miracle #8

Writer: Tom King / Artist: Mitch Gerads / DC Comics

“Possession of deception, imperfection, no affection
No correct your transgression, turn depression to aggression” – Lil Wayne

Mister Miracle #8

Another Mister Miracle issue, another banger. We’re back on the front lines with Scott Free (aka Mister Miracle aka Mr. Escape the Room), except this time Scott is in the commanding position of Highfather. From jump, we get into the muck as Scott Free busts out a Ghost In The Shell x Perfect Dark custom sniper rifle and takes down Apokolips generals. I’m so here for it. We don’t know how much time has passed, but this war feels ‘everlasting’ – as it should.

Barda and Scott take turns staying home with their child and being in the war. Scott describes the war as their job, so to speak. Man, King is so smart with this. We constantly see Scott having to juggle home life while in the midst of action: stabbing soldiers, pulling his sword out of’em and seeing what they had for breakfast; then talking with Barda about not being ready to leave the kid with a sitter while they’re both working.

Mister Miracle #8

The main take from this issue is the difference between Scott and Orion’s decisions as Highfather. Lightray informs him of the choices he makes that Orion wouldn’t. The weight of the title ‘Highfather’ isn’t a role Scott can just perform. It’s rooooough out here for your mans new gods and dem. Scott’s scraping by, and we see where his shortcomings are. When it comes to war and fighting, there are things Barda can do that he simply can’t.

Gerads continues to bring top-tier visuals to the series. I can’t imagine seeing any of these new gods depicted otherwise. Gerads’ art feels like an innovative take on a new generation of noir for comics. The battlefields, wounds, patching-up and fighting are beautifully detailed; yet never go overboard in graphic violence. It’s tasteful graphic violence, if you will.

The team of Tom King and Mitch Gerads (or “King” Gerads) are the new cleaners for DC comics. A ‘cleaner’ is a creative team that can take a character that’s not so popular and build their mythos to becoming a household name. These issues of Mister Miracle are going to be a blueprint for how to rebrand a character with incredible stories, homages, and fresh ideas.

Mister Miracle #8

9.9 Call of Duty: Apokolips head shots out of 10

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Mister Miracle #8


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