Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #30 Review

Writer: Brandon Montclare / Artist: Natatcha Bustos / DC Comics

Issue #30 has Lunella reunited with her prehistoric partner just in time to help Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm take down an old Fantastic Four foe. On one hand, I love what this book does well. This is the sort of well written, fun, endearing afrofuturism that I wish I’d had when I was a kid. Even at her most abrasive, Lunella is an infinitely likeable protagonist with Black Girl Magic to spare. Her straightforward, incorruptible view of the Marvel Universe makes for a refreshingly simple read that will leave you smiling by the time you’re done. However, I want this book to have more of a long game. By the end of this story, you feel fed but on a fast food level where you’re hungry fifteen minutes later. I mean, I don’t necessarily want to see this book turn into LOST or anything, but I’d feel better about the life span of this character in the Marvel Universe if I knew Montclare were investing in a larger story and endgame. Natatcha Bustos’ art is irreplaceable on this book. Her playful style delivers a book that feels like the Marvel world through the eyes of a really smart elementary school child. And it is great to have Devil Dinosaur back where he belongs because Bustos never fails to make him the low key star of the show. Seeing DD in a full body Fantastic Four uniform got the healthiest of chuckles out of me.

Bottom Line: Although I wish there were a little more complexity being laid out for these stories, this issue was another fun exercise in all ages afrofuturism. I really hope we see Lunella team up with the full Fantastic Four once Marvel gets the band back together.

8 Clobbering Times out of 10


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