Motor Crush #9 Review

Mom, is that you? Flashbacks come full circle in Motor Crush #9

Writer: Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, Cameron Stewart / Artist: Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr, Heather Danforth / Image Comics

One half daring escape, one half regrouping with nowhere to go, Domino has a lot going on in issue #9 of Motor Crush. The action is frontloaded on the heels of issue #8’s cliffhanger that Juli – Dom’s mother figure and creator of crush – is still alive-ish. Juli appears to be a vague version of herself mixed with the essence of the crush she invented, and isn’t exactly communicative, but you get the sense she holds the secrets to much of what we want to know about the last several years. Between discovering Juli and the crush heist to keep Domino alive, the big picture has to wait as she, Lola, and Calax make their grand escape from an exploding facility to satisfy the degree of neon-colored action we’ve come to expect each issue. When it comes to action and drama, Motor Crush #9 delivers fast.

The second half of the issue allows Domino – and us – to recover, remembering that there’s still the Producers running the city like mafia and the biggest questions of what the hell is even going on in the wake of their takeover during Dom’s time travel. Deciding where to go, the natural assumption is into the arms and support of Lola, but the circumstance is made less than ideal with Lola’s new girlfriend, Beatriz. Hate to say this but I don’t trust Beatriz’s story and her dramatics, but if I’m wrong then I promise to take a long look in the mirror and evaluate why I doubted her. Regardless, this issue has a separate reveal, with Domino re-encountering the man in the red motorcycle helmet.

We all predicted his identity a while back so it’s good to see Domino catch up with the rest of us so she can move straight into deciding what to do next. I see a grand team-up coming, and with the cast of characters built around Domino Swift you can expect a gorgeous showdown of speed and neon lights. After all, that’s what this creative team has given us so far: consistent and beautifully rendered speed, heart, and brilliant colors.

9.1 out of 10

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