Ms. Marvel #1 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artists: Takeshi Miyazawa, Adrian Alphona / Marvel Comics

Ms. Marvel is back y’all! Returning for a whole new #1 is writer G. Willow Wilson (one of my personal Top 5 Dead or Alive comic book writers) and artists Takeshi Miyazawa (the artist on Greg Pak’s on The Princess Who Saved Herself) and Adrian Alphona (who brought us the amazing Runaways) on the pens. They are a tight crew and there can be little doubt they will be bringing the fan, and new readers, exactly what they expect from Kamala Khan — a little teen angst, plenty of hilarious action, and the real-life touches that drive this comic straight into your heart.

The issue opens with a summary of the madness that is the life of a teenage superhero. You have the sense that this will be a core theme of the current run: that getting what you asked for isn’t ever what you thought.

Problemn of Plenty

Returning to her regular life after saving the world with the Avengers, Kamala finds that her friend zone relationship with Bruno has changed while she wasn’t looking.


Lord, can we talk about how I stopped and stared at this page for a solid minute? Not because of the kiss, but because Mike (short for Michaela) is thick in the hips and thighs in a way that so few female comic book characters are. The reality of Mike existing and being a character here in a good teen relationship just makes me happy.

Kamala, still being a teen, freaks all the way out over her requited but unattainable crush lip-locking with another girl. But even as she’s trying to figure out the who/what/where/why she’s sucked into a bigger issue: her name is being used without her permission to sell a series of condos. What to do?


There’s definitely more to the gentrifying company than at first meets the eye and it is clear that Kamala’s going to be drawn in. But can she save the neighborhood and get back her not-a-boyfriend Bruno at the same time?

This is a solid issue to start off on and sets the story up perfectly. This is All-New, All-Different Marvel, and it is good.

7 out of 10

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