Ms. Marvel #10 Review

***Our guys were pretty overzealous to review Ms. Marvel this week, so you can catch the review of the same comic by Omar Holmon as well***

writer: G. Willow Wilson / artist: Adrian Alphona

Black Nerd Problems’ adopted daughter is having a great time out for her first year as a superhero. She’s had her first team up, an archvillain, a sidekick (and not-quite boyfriend) and even her first pet. It’s pretty much been clear sailing for our girl and this issue has done nothing to stop that.

Kamala Khan’s ongoing battle with her new nemesis, The Inventor, has taken a step up as she discovers a bizarre secret about teenagers her foe has abducted. Here, she learns where being a hero becomes more than just putting the “embiggened hands” on the bad guys. G. Willow Wilson’s heartfelt comic timing is a national treasure. There were several gems in this issue, but above all of them was the subtext about the millennial generation and their much debated place in society. This not only served as an excellent way to engage young readers without condescending to them, but it also helped to define what kind of hero Kamala is going to be in the eyes of her demographic.

Moments like this really put a fine point on Ms. Marvel’s personality. At this point, anything I have to say about Adrian Alphona’s artwork is simply redundant. His attention to detail mixed with his penchant for whimsy is second to none. I’m certain this book is going to end up on everybody’s “Best of” list when they talk about choice book in 2014. This issue is a pretty damn good representation of why.

Bottom Line: Writing talent, a fun superhero premise, a (mainly) triumphant brown girl at the forefront….all of these things are awesome, but above all, this book has heart. That counts for a lot. 9.5 out of 10.


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