Ms. Marvel #20 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artists: Marco Failla, Ian Herring / Marvel Comics

Oh, Becky. Why are you such a thing-I-won’t-call-you-because-this-is-technically-a-kid-friendly-comic? Why are you so awful and hate-filled and prone to arrest people? Why can’t Ms. Marvel just kick you directly in the freckles and then we can all go have ice cream? Why?

Issue #20 starts with Kamala’s beloved, mild-mannered brother in police custody for the crime of “concealing his super-powered status.” This crime is not only liable to land him in jail, it also endangers his immigrant status. The Fed threatens to send him back to Pakistan. The echoes of the detention of Muslim men and women for fabricated crimes are so loud here, but Wilson handles the moral here carefully and well. It isn’t overdone, and in conjunction with some perfect cuts to Lockdown and Discord watching the interrogation, the moral clearly applies to the villains as much as it does to the current political climate.


Kamala wakes up… well, she doesn’t. She has a dream of Bruno, delivering his usual truth, which is all the more unsettling because you know it is her own inner voice scolding her. (Or is it? Bruno is in Wakanda and Wakandan science is pretty amazing.) Coming back to the now, Kamala runs directly towards the problem, attempting to confront head-on the Hydra lead villany taking over Jersey City. Quickly however, the tables are turned and Kamala is face to face with not only Chuck Worthy, the developer who started all of this, but with Lockdown and Discord again. The butt kicking ensues.

Lockdown and Discord are such great villains, perfectly suited to Kamala’s fighting style and a great reflection of the ills that plague us, the conviction that we know best how to make the world a better place — to hell with the people who live in that world. Also, they have perfect names. And Becky’s little freckled face… so punchable. By the end of the issue, Kamala is right where the bad guys want her, trapped between giving her self up to save her family and doing the right thing. Next issue, she figured out a solution. Let’s see what it is.

8 Good Guys Turned Bad Guys out of 10

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