Ms. Marvel #21 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artist: Marco Failla / Marvel Comics

Maaaaaaaaan, G. Dubs (G. Willow Wilson) and Marco Failla waste no time giving the audience the Wrestlemania main event for this issue. Kamala was caught between a Dwayne Johnson and a hard place (see what I did there?) as her brother Aamir gets pulled out the police wagon as one of the many Inhumans rounded up. Kamala is being forced to turn herself over in order to protect these people and we get a great inner monologue about the needs of the few, will more times than not, always have a loop hole to take center stage over the needs of the many. Kamala knows what she’s going to do but then we see her brother Amir make the decision for her as he and the rest of the Inhumans literally go Chuck D (fight the power). I ain’t see that shit coming at all, and I fucks with that.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 7.57.51 PM

Seeing the usually conservative throwing deuces to the law was a thing of beauty and one that Willow knows isn’t lost on the audience. Amir’s actions get placed center stage as he and his fellow Inhumans go on the lamb. Aamir’s politics and beliefs are put in front of us in order to explore the noticeable beginning of a change in ideologies that this experience is leaving on him and his belief of being accepted among the American conservative society (seeing as his conservative beliefs were akin to theirs). Let’s also be clear that this reference to folks being locked up in police wagons and lost in the cracks of the system is a clear reference to case of the stigma of immigration, the threat of deportation as a tool of the oppressors, police brutality, and Freddie Gray. Oh yeah, G. Dubs gon’ give you that art imitating real life rap raw each and every time, which is why we fucks with Kamala Khan so heavy.

Marco Failla is flawless in the visuals for this issue. From the depiction of Aamir’s expression upon helping out with a location suggestion as he and his fellow Inhuman brethren run through the streets of Jersey City re-enacting the Lil’ Wayne and BG’s “Tha Block Is Hot” Hot Boys video, to the action of Kamala Khan fighting, being tired, and making use of the elasticity of her powers on instinct. Failla showcases a great understanding in movements of these characters in and out of their element. There’s a big reveal that’s pretty heat of the moment as well as a conversation that follows after that Failla’s art guided as the perfect visual for the conversation that takes place.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 7.59.01 PM

Yo man, That ending though, man. I won’t say anything much on it here. I’ll let Leslie tackle it for when she comes back on the track for reviewing Ms. Marvel. I will say is Kamala… girl. What is you doing, baby? Come oooooon, baby. Leave that shit for Miles Morales, not you too, girl! No. Again, I ain’t giving you no spoilers but there’s going to be either one of two ways to feel about the ending of this issue. Either you think the right choice is made or if you’re like me, your militant/ black ops/ stealth tendencies for super hero protocol are going to have you flipping out. I highly urge folks to read this issue and get in on the discussion that needs to happen after this. We were due for a real banger in this series and per usual Ms. Marvel came through with the launch codes.

9.3 Michael Scott “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” shouts out of 10

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