Ms Marvel #32 Review

Ms. Marvel #32 Cover

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artist: Nico Leon / Marvel Comics


Whew, we’ve come through some particularly soul-searching story arcs in the last little bit with Ms. Marvel. Our girl Kamala had some growing up to do for sure, settling into a later teenage-hood. Now? Bruno’s returned from Wakanda, Red Dagger’s back in Pakistan, and everyone knows everyone’s secret identities. It is time to eat some pizza and keep Jersey City safe. How’s that go for Kamala?


Bruno returns to Jersey and immediately gets down to business: doing some science, that is! The duo admits they have plenty to iron out, but they’re committed to doing so. Bruno wants to figure out WHY Kamala’s powers work the way they do. Mass shouldn’t be able to come and go at will. He sets out to perform a few experiments. Of course, as with all science in the Marvel universe, hijinks ensue.

Kamala in an immersion tank
Kamala’s powers go all out of control, leaving them both shaken and hungry. While scarfing down pizza at their local joint, crime starts happening right outside the window. A new villain arrives for Kamala to face: The Shocker!

Out of Control

The Shocker is an old Spider-Man villain (he’s in Spider-Man: Homecoming) and he’s come across the river for some easy pickings. There’s a moment when Ms. Marvel stands up to him, but immediately loses control of her powers — she feels like they are controlling her, she says — and we’re all left on a cliff for the next issue.

The metaphors that are possible for Kamala’s “lack of control” here are many. Are we talking about growing older; or is it related to Bruno’s return? There’s also the science angle — the WHY of the thing — that has opportunity for a variety of special guests. All we can say is that the team of Wilson and Leon continues to put out a fun, accessible comic for all ages, races, and creeds. If you’ve been thinking of joining the Ms. Marvel fandom, here’s your access point.

8 wet sneakers out of 10

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