Season: 4 / Episode: 2

Y’all got your MHA hats back on after last week? Watched or read the scoop and ready for the main course of plot? Got extra hype on some fan film and fully ready to see the chapter unfold? Because I’ve been waiting for this arc for a minute and and I’m pretty sure so is the rest of UA Class 1-A. They’re currently trying to figure out work study programs and Young Midoriya is going to Gran Torino and All Might first, but is quickly discovering that he’s gonna have ton continue making his own way. It’s a new world order now that All Might is retired and it’s time for an… overhaul.

A-Side: Sick Beats and Villainous Intent

Twice, after his spot light episode last season, finally gets to bring the man in the plague mask back to the League of Villains and dude is turns out to have one hell of a legacy. Overhaul is an old school yakuza, and not just any old yakuza…

Unsurprising, it turns out that conventional organized crime didn’t really survive the rise of heroes and definitely didn’t survive the rise of All Might. But Overhaul is coming out of the shadows now that One for All is in the highest security prison, and he’s convinced that someone needs to step up and herald a new age of villainy. And he’s not so sure that Tomura Shigaraki is up for the job.

Do you have a plan? A goal with no plan is called a delusion.

Now clearly the only way this skirmish could end is with a fight, and one hella of a skirmish occurs with Overhaul’s minions provided some tactical support including some sort of bullet that stops quirks. Overhaul decides to call this fight a draw since both sides have a causality a piece, but you can tell that’s the villains this year are gonna be of a slightly different caliber.

B-Side: I Wanna Be the Greatest, Remixed

Back at UA, Eraserhead explains that a lot of the faculty is on the fence about this whole work study thing but that they are going on ahead under the condition that they find an agency with a good, clean record of hosting aspiring heroes. After a consultation with Gran Torino, Midoriya decides to try and use his connection with All-Might to network in Sir Nighteye’s Agency. All Might has some personal reasons not to make the connect, but instead enlists a different familiar face.

Enter Mirio Togata.

Now, we learn two very important things about the hero closest to the number 1 spot:

  • He has been working with Sir Nighteye for a year.
  • He was going to be the successor for All for One had Midoriya not been so goddamn intent on being a hero.

Midoriya quickly wins Mirio over with the simplest summation of his character.

Mirio takes it upon himself to make the introduction and only gives Midoriya one goal: you gotta make Sir Nighteye laugh…

Yeah. Sure. That’s going to be fine.

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