My Hero Academia Recap: “The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A”


Season: 4 / Episode: 1

There’s something to be said for how My Hero Academia handles it’s welcome back / season premiere episodes. I always thought that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood does it the best, but MHA handles the re-introduction in a way that is satisfying, when you have no expectation of the story moving forward.

Admittedly, there’s a lot to digest from the end of season 3. First and foremost is the retirement of All Might and everyone with a TV witnessing that the symbol of peace is abruptly cut short. His withering body on that night is similar to the general sentiment of the public. If the greatest hero ever has had the fight go out of them, then what comes next?

Someone looking to answer that very specifically is investigative reporter Tokuda, who gains access to the school hoping to discover who, if any, All Might has determined as a successor. This provides a good opportunity to recap what we know so far, but mostly to re-acquaint us with the young heroes of Class 1A, quirks and all. Bakugo still pissed off for no good reason. Minoru still a proto-pervert. Deku back doing drills in the yard, with the off-season workout trapezoids muscles poppin’ off. Everything is where it should be.

There isn’t a lot of drama in the investigation as Tokuda suspects Midori from the beginning and confirms as much in their first conversation. What is at the heart of this show and is on display even in basically a recap episode, is how endearing the characters are with one another. Tonado will do most things for a scoop, but his personal connection to All Might (watching his father be saved) has led him to find the successor for his own source of hope and not necessarily for a good story.

This is another re-inforcement that Deku is the future and that secret likely won’t stay a secret for long. But this season may signal that Deku is ready to embrace and actually surpass All Might at some point. With a new threat looming, only time will tell.

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