New Avengers #29 (TRO) Review

writer: Jonathan Hickman / artist: Kev Walker / Marvel Comics

Look, we all needed a break after the last installment of the “Time Runs Out” storyline when T’Challa put the blade where it belongs and left Namor on an Earth that went Krypton. In true Hickman fashion, this issue seems like it was going to answer some questions (and it does), but it ends up asking even more, making this world, dare I say…larger. With the Cabal gone, Necropolis and Wakanda are finally able to be seen in the aftermath of the Cabal’s occupation. It ain’t pretty. Probably the worst setback that T’Challa has personally experienced (and it does appear that is Shuri showing up among the “past” Black Panthers as T’Challa sees them over the graves, but I guess it isn’t confirmed yet). Tony Stark’s prisoner cell is empty except for the blood trail (as noted, something bad happened there)and Wakanda is in ruin but that’s not the only sacrifices. The best part of this issue was probably how Reed explains to everyone all the methods they tried while on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. to solve the incursions and it seems that everyone has endured heavy, unimaginable losses. As if the tag, “Time Runs Out” wasn’t ominous enough, this story line has become increasingly grim with tons of things having big repercussions on the Marvel Universe before we reach the conclusion.

Also, briefly touched on is the odyssey of Dr. Doom and Molecule Man as they look for the source of the incursions. They’re pursuit or exactly what they will do when the find what they’re looking for is still (intentionally) vague, but it surely will have some impact on the endgame of this story.

Walker is still on the pencils for New Avengers with mostly good results. He does well in the more dialogue heavy aspects of Hickman’s storytelling, as he does a good job with expressive facial features and body language.

New Avengers took time to reflect and update us one what has happened before the last “Time Runs Out” installment and what is coming down the pipe. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t look like things are getting THAT much better, any time soon.


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