New Fantasy Comics Website Deep Engines Launches Soon

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Comics have come a long way to be recognized as a legit art form in Western society. But even before comics and comic books became accepted by mainstream audiences and pop culture alike, they always served a greater purpose: being crafted to tell amazing and even terrible stories of unique characters cast into the strangest circumstances. You can find comics almost everywhere nowadays from big and small indie publishers at comic book stores and cons, to newspapers to Kickstarters to self-made zines to webcomics. Comics are…universal. And being so means today you can access them just about anywhere and everywhere.

Enter Deep Engines. Being told as “the story of a world broken by an ancient catastrophe. Over a thousand years ago the Rupture split the ground, throwing a myriad of cultures together. Now, six distinct races make their homes on the cliffs and wilderness around the Great Rift River. From the lowest commoner to the most powerful noble, Deep Engines explores how world-shaking events can be directed by even the most insignificant and unwilling.”

This is for the lovers of the fantasy genre out there. This is for those who want to add something new to their e-reading lists that doesn’t consist of caped and/or masked superheroes and dreary storylines. This is for the reader who is spontaneous and a bit curious.

Are you looking for a fantasy world with intersecting diverse characters and storylines that explore different themes and feature ancient secrets, ambitious orphans, and ruthless nobility? You’ve just may have found your people!

Including the talents of  Leia Weathington (The Legend of Bold Riley, Smut Peddler) as lead writer, and lead artists Conley Presler (Red Skies, Golden Nights) and Jack Cole (The Sun and Her Daughter, Next), Deep Engines seeks to draw on their collective backgrounds in writing, game development, illustration, sequential art, and a love of the fantasy genre to bring you a new world of wonder, intrigue, and adventure. And this is only just the beginning. According to Weathington: “Over time, the world of Deep Engines will expand to include video, music, and interactive fiction. We can’t wait for our readers to also become our listeners, viewers, and gamers. It’s a chance to make them feel like citizens of this world instead of just passive visitors.” As it is just a few months shy of its launch date, Deep Engines is already proving to be ambitious,  gorgeously illustrated, and full of some very unique characters. Here’s a small preview of what was shared with BNP.

Two amazing comics will be available for free to the public:

THE GOSS (art by Conley Presler, written by Leia Weathington)

[quote_simple]Hilo Tamarand and Ellette Veldmark are orphans surviving in the slums around the forges in the industrial city of Gosslet Ahn. A violent run-in with a band of mercenaries hired to protect a powerful Steelmaster’s foundry proves to be fortuitous when the two are taken under the wing of Timur and his Jauqemon Lads.[/quote_simple]

[quote_simple]With these haphazard patrons Hilo and Ellette begin to make their way in life, but the politics surrounding the Steelmasters are always fraught with
danger and the girls may be left again with only each other to rely on.[/quote_simple]



EPICUREAN’S EXILE (art by Jack Cole, written by Leia Weathington & Jack Cole)

[quote_simple]Once the premiere food and culture writer for the well-heeled in Sekmet’s Climb, Arimba Kovlinde finds himself fleeing his home with a black mark on his name and Solando Saria, a rebellious teenage art prodigy, in tow.[/quote_simple]

[quote_simple]Determined to salvage what remains of his career he has come to the cosmopolitan rift city of Benga Loa, where the ownership of his magazine The Sybaritic Climber has been acquired.[/quote_simple]

[quote_simple]Once there, he is immediately saddled with an editor he resents, a list of high-profile restaurants that won’t grant him reservations, and the shadow of his past dogging his steps.[/quote_simple]



Lastly available to subscribers is Raw House, a series of 18+ comics drawn by a host of tremendous, unique guest artists.

RAW HOUSE (featured artists: Jay Jacques, Shivana Sookdeo, & Chris Kindred, written
by Leia Weathington)

cass place

[quote_simple]The licensed pleasure quarter in Benga Loa is home to many fine establishments and highly sought after prostitutes, but for the past few years Raw House has put them all to shame.[/quote_simple]

[quote_simple]Carissi Tiro, the eldest daughter of a criminal dynasty, rules her brothel with a iron (yet delicate, perfumed) fist. Anything is on the table at Raw House, just so long as you mind your manners.[/quote_simple]

[quote_simple]Take a peek inside the most exclusive pleasure house in the Rifts, the clients, the employees, and even the Madam Tiro herself.[/quote_simple]


Deep Engines is looking to launch online in April 2016. To see pricing, additional info, and all the wonderful perks you can have as a supporter of the project, see the Patreon page here. Behind the scenes bits, hilarious insight by the creators, and random pieces of art in 140-character limited tweets can be found on the Deep Engines Twitter page here. Stay tuned as we’ll have more coverage of Deep Engines here on BNP soon!

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