NEW “Sailor Moon Crystal” Trailer!!!!



Cue a sound bite of that one guy from ‘The Office’ who loses it and starts with “IT’S HAPPENING. IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING. EVERYBODY CALM DOWN…”


We were gifted with a trailer for the new reboot of the beloved Sailor Moon series which is titled, “Sailor Moon Crystal” coming to us all next month with a world wide release on July 5th. To say that I am excited would be the understatement of the year: I am ready to relive one of the best parts of my girlhood and celebrate with all my other fellow Sailor Scouts/Sailor Senshi everywhere.

While many devoted fans share my sentiments, there is some skepticism: the new character designs aren’t loved by all (“Looks like half done fanart” Not my words but I’m not 100% in love with them), worry about the exclusion of other Senshi (so far only the Inner Senshi- Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are shown in trailer and I’ve haven’t seen all of the outer senshi present in character sketches found online…) and the belief held by some fans that this reboot will tarnish the franchise in general….

There’s also the upside: what sounds like a deliciously catchy theme song, a return of most of the original Japanese voice actresses and just another reason to bask and celebrate in the adoration of the cultural phenomenal that is Sailor Moon. Let’s raise our glasses (and our tiaras) and start the countdown….Girls will save the day and girls will save the world! Sailor Senshi around the world…WE OUTCHEA!



P.S. Look forward to a very special editorial piece coming soon by me and Lauren about the importance of Sailor Moon to us as women of color.  🙂



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