Writer: Tim Seeley / Artist: Minkyu Jung / Colorist: Chris Sotomayer / DC Comics

What I have enjoyed immensely, in reading Seeley’s Nightwing and also being a big fan of King’s Batman, is that the strength of this Dick Grayson lies in the opportunities for calm and sweetness of the character. This issue is about 98% heart as we watch a couple of month’s worth of the evolution of Dick’s relationship with Shawn Tsang, formerly the villain Defacer. Shawn, after having been falsely accused of murder, has left the job of rehabbing kids at the community center and now has settled into a more private life with Nightwing as her new bae. It’s hard not to enjoy this issue.

We get a look at the relationship itself, but also, which comes with most relationships, the people involved sharing their relationship status with friends. And exes. That’s plural for Nightwing of course. Even if it’s an excuse to work in Wally, Jason, and Starfire, Seeley actually does a great job of connecting the throughput of the story that culminates with Dick finally encountering Batgirl again while attempting to rectify the mess he left behind.


What also helps encapsulate the sweet nature of this book is the art by Jung and specifically the warmness of the colors brought out by Sotomayer, that truly makes this feel like a romance tale.

Of course, this is a superhero book and as you can imagine, not everything is roses and swinging through open windows, so the book does lead us to the next arc for Nightwing, which will of course having him squaring off with some villain. But this book as a standalone story was unique and lighthearted and needed for any kind of book where the hero is usually in peril.

9.0 Awkward Family Greetings out of 10

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