Writer: Tim Seeley / Artist: Javier Fernandez / DC Comics

After their bizarre encounter with Deathwing and question-mark Robin, shit gets even more bizarre. But you’re dealing with Professor Pyg, so of course it gets more bizarre. It’s the only way. After learning that Pyg is the one that has kidnapped Shawn and plans to make her his latest work of art, the emotionally wrecked Nightwing and pragmatic Robin crash Pyg’s viewing to save Shawn from becoming some perversion of art.


The warring mental states of Nightwing and Robin play off each other well here, as Grayson operates from a point of desperation and Damian is business as usual while trying to keep Grayson’s head in the game. While the emotional stakes are higher for Nightwing than usual, the complete lack of composure is a little hyperbolic for a hero that’s dealt with bigger threats (albeit, not concerning his possibly pregnant girlfriend, but still).

The dialogue between question-mark Robin and Deathwing carries a lot of weight as well, in examining their lives before being in Pyg’s clutches. It isn’t as interesting as our main characters of course, but the pay off is large and sets up the next part of the story well.

Fernandez’s art does well to set the scene for the weirdness of Professor Pyg and his machinations while maintaining the action at a frantic pace. My favorite panel is the reunion of Grayson and Shawn as it carries a softness and calm in an otherwise chaotic scene.


Nightwing Must Die continues with its fatalistic storyline, putting everyone in danger at one time or another. With one problem down, another one looms and a bigger player is introduced for the rest of the story.

7.9 Closed to the Public Viewings out of 10

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