Writer: Tim Seeley / Artist: Javier Fernandez / DC Comics

The conclusion of the “Death of Nightwing” arc finished pretty well and par for the course of this story. I still think it pails in comparison to the first couple of arcs on this book, but this was still serviceable and did a lot of good things with the Nightwing and Robin duo. I’ve made this point numerous times, but the difference between Nightwing and Batman is strongly made throughout this book and especially with the inclusion of Damian this arc. His relationship with Damian lays plain how endearing and sympathetic he is. While intentionally rocky, the relationship between the two Robins probably evolved more in this arc since any time since Black Mirror. That stands in the forefront to the action itself involving Dr. Hurt and Deathwing. Its relevant, but not nearly as endearing as the characters of Nightwing, Robin and Defacer. Which, for a character study that this book seems to be centered around, works well for the book.


Fernandez for his part does pretty well with the narration of this book. There’s a lot of fluid dream sequences and intentional conflict in action, which Fernandez is up to the task of. The strength of the art has always been in the character models and there are a lot of close ups and character driven moments throughout.

The arc ends successfully, with a good byproduct of some evolution in Robin and Nightwing’s relationship. The duo cleans up nice and its always nice to see how the deal with each other and the task at hand.

8.4 Skyline Confessions out of 10

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