Nightwing #22 Review

Writer: Tim Seeley / Artist: Miguel Mendoca / DC Comics

The next big arc starts for Nightwing and while the villain and premise are interesting, nothing particularly impactful stands out from the initial issue. As the title indicates, Blockbuster is back in town, but the opening pages offer something new – that Blockbuster has gone legit. As you might imagine, someone within his particular skill set may not stay that way, and the introduction of the actual villain does reveal themselves midway through the issue.


What the issue focuses on mostly is how Nightwing is getting dealing with attempt number 2 (or three, I’ve lost count) of trying to be Dick Grayson more and Nightwing less. He wants to do it for Shawn and for his own peace of mind, but the allure of swinging through the air and stopping bad guys has a strong pull on Grayson. It is cool to see that Seeley is still keeping characters and storylines involved that happened previously, as we see him meeting with some former runaways seeking both personal help and information. All in all, this isn’t a bad issue, just not a whole lot happens as it was more a table-setter for the rest of the story.


The art holds the line here as well, with a few stand out scenes, particularly the illustration of how a cheater in a casino is dealt with. All in all, Mendoca doesn’t have a ton to do beyond dialogue scenes, but those look good as well.

New story arc kicks with an interesting premise, but not much from the first issue sinks its hooks into you. Here’s hoping the story kicks up a bit in subsequent issues.

7.3 Blockbuster Right Crosses out of 10

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