So episode 2 served up some fun backstory full of easter eggs and iconic moments from landmark Batman stories. We’ve also gotten some decent incarnations of a handful of our favorites out of the Bat-mythos (except for a slightly boy-bandish Bruce Wayne). Now, the heat gets turned up a little as Nightwing comes up against the story’s nemesis, Deathstroke.


The episode is a step up in pacing and character development as we see a former sidekick eager to a fault to step out of Batman’s shadow. Deathstroke steals the show everytime he steps into a shot. Dick Grayson’s harsh reunion with Barbara Gordon and Nightwing’s first confrontation with Deathstroke seems to get somewhat equal spotlight time. The fight, however, is definitely the strongest part of the episode. I’ve mentioned this in a blog article, but for a fan-made project, there’s not much distance between the fight choreography here and that of the CW’s Arrow. In fact, you can very clearly see where the money went in every corner of this series with very smart technical effects and impressive props. My main complaint was that the voiceovers for Deathstroke were almost a little too clean. Since it’s obviously a voiceover, it’s a little distracting and might take you out of the scene just a little bit. Then again, they never did quite solve that problem with Bane in Dark Knight Rises, so that’s not really something I can hold against a fan-made show. For the most part, this series is hitting all the right marks to clearly get people scratching their heads as to how or why this is so hard for mainstream avenues to get right. In that regard, it’s definitely a winner. As far as being an entertaining web series, yeah, I’ll give it that credit too.

Bottom Line: A well paced, nicely shot episode that takes “pretty impressive” up a notch to “awesome.” 8 out of 10.


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