Writers: Jeff Loveness, Ramon Perez / Artist: Ramon Perez / Marvel Comics

We’re only in the third issue and the chemistry that Loveness and Perez has developed between Richard Rider and Sam Alexander is already a very smooth gel. We know that the older legacy hero usually takes the mentor role, but with Rider’s case it’s more of an older brother issue. We see a stand off situation occur as the bounty for the Nova helmets puts Rich, Sam, and Cosmo into a teamwork situation on the fly.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 8.48.36 PM

There’s a bomb planted in Knowhere, and with some hilarious pop culture references used to stall the bounty hunters we get a view of what makes Rider so great as a Nova, his trust in Sam to come through in the clutch, as well as his using this cancerverse power to his advantage (with one of the hardest lines ever about coming back from the dead).

Perez has the art work jumping off the page. The bomb scene between Rich and Sam especially comes to mind as a memorable one for this new relationship between the two. My only concern was for the novas being taken out rather easy this issue when these cats are mad powerful, but I do actually like when characters are given a limit to what they are invincible against.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 8.50.05 PM

8.8 Cereal References out of 10

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