Old Man Logan #33 Review

WOLVERINE DISEMBOWELING NINJAS AND FIGHTING HIS SAMURAI EX-GIRLFRIEND! Now that I have your attention, Old Man Logan #33 concludes the Scarlet Samurai story. Logan has cut through scores of ninjas to track down the source of a sinister drug giving criminals insane regenerative abilities. After a healthy amount of Snikt-ing Logan learns that the deadly Scarlet Samurai is no other than his former lover, Mariko Yashida. This story has been the equivalent of mixing everything good, pure and awesome from your childhood in a boiling cauldron, drop kicking it into a wall and allowing the crash to create a beautiful mural. Ed Brisson writes a solid story allowing for all those wonderful troupes. Samurai, Ninjas, Damsels in Distress, Drugs, Long Lost Loves. What more could you ask for?

I’m the Best There is at What I Do. . . I Picked This Flower For Ya, Bub

All joking aside, a story as classic as Brisson’s Scarlet Samurai has the potential to be uninteresting and stale. Mike Deodato Jr. creates some marvelous images that make this story a treat to look at. These past few months, this book’s art has been a visual highlight of my comic book days. The detail is on point. The colors are vivid. The motion is striking. There is an interesting texture in Deodato’s art if you look close enough. The story brings the opportunity for different environmental textures to be used. This is most vivid in a frozen environment scene where the beautiful light blues are a respite from the striking reds and blacks that much of the book uses. The same effect is encountered when Scarlet Samurai draws her blue, lightsaber katana for action. Mr. Deodato will attempt to sate our thirst for his art by drawing the cover for next month’s issue but the interior will be done by a different artist. The Scarlet Samurai and Wolverine continue their adventures in Madripoor. Here’s to hoping this book continues to dazzle and satisfy.

Careful Logan, Your Ex has a Glowing Samurai Sword!

8 out of 10 Regrown Hands

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