Old School Sunday: Luigi’s Mansion Review – Who You Gonna Call? Luigi!

***This is an intro post in a new series for our website titled “Old School Sundays” where on Sundays–not every Sunday but most, Anissa here will drop a review of a video game that’s not by any means new. Not new but going back into “Old School Territory” of video games you may have played and loved even–perhaps even a video game you missed. Enjoy!***

This definitely used to be my favorite game for Gamecube. It was just too much fun! And it honestly was kind of scary, lol. This game had an awesome storyline, pretty good graphics for the Gamecube, and a great soundtrack! In this game you solve room puzzles, use a vacuum to suck up ghosts and shoot fire and ice, and pretty much explore a haunted mansion. If you haven’t played the game, let me paint you a picture!

You win a mansion in a contest that you don’t remember entering. You walk through these dark, spooky woods at night to meet up with your brother, Mario. When you enter the mansion, Mario is nowhere to be found. Luigi meets this weird looking scientist that tells him the mansion is haunted and filled with ghosts. He gives you a vacuum cleaner to suck up the ghosts. It sounds simple but it actually gets pretty difficult with every new type of ghost.


So like I mentioned, you suck up the ghosts with your vacuum cleaner. You are also equipped with a flashlight. The light from the flashlight stuns the ghosts when you flash it on their heart and the vacuum is used after to suck them up. They are stored in Luigi’s backpack for safe keeping. I love how the ghosts only existed in dark rooms. Your job is to eliminate all those ghosts and bring light to that room or area. Some of the main ghosts are pretty easy to beat. The special ghosts are another story. You have to interact with certain objects in order to get their attention and obtain an opportunity to suck them up. For example, in one room, a man is reading a book and the book is covering his heart. You can not simply shine your light on him to get his attention. When you examine this ghost closely, he states how much he likes his ship in a bottle. There is your clue! You are to then, interact with his ship in a bottle, getting his attention. These kind of puzzles are the most satisfying, it’s a shame that there isn’t enough of them in this game.


I have to say I’m really impressed with Nintendo as they did a great job with the graphics. The textures of the mansions were done very nicely. Luigi’s model looks like it was done with high polygons instead of looking like a flat box. His facial expressions change whenever he is feeling a different emotion. The ghosts were modeled pretty well too! The particles of the dust, fire and ice were amazingly done. It didn’t know they could pull that off.

This game does get pretty repetitive for a while. Luigi explores a room or hallway, sucks up the ghost inside and continues that cycle until the entire mansion is lit up again. It’s good that there are different kinds of ghosts to mess with, because if there wasn’t, the game would be pretty boring. And then that’s it. Games Done! If you enjoyed the game, you could play the story over again but there really is no reason to play it again. This game is such a such a wonderful idea with great puzzles and humor thrown in it. What’s not to like?


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