Oscar-Winning Big Hero 6 Finally Returns (Badaladaladala!)

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Big Hero 6, the movie that proved you can create a multiracial superhero team from a somewhat problematic Marvel comic book and it can turn out awesome is back at it again according to the Hollywood Reporter, and this time with a serialized television show! That’s right, Hiro Hamada, Gogo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Fred, and of course Baymax are all headed to the Disney XD in 2017 and it gets better. The series will be produced by none other than Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, the creative minds behind a little Disney show called Kim Possible.


A little reminder: one of the things that made Big Hero 6 the amazing masterpiece that it is comes from equal parts heartwarming story, relatable characters, and an all around fun superhero movie that all ages could enjoy. Watching Hiro struggle with the trauma of losing his brother by developing friendships with Baymax and co. and learning how to hone his gifts for a purpose remain some of the most important life lessons ever animated, especially since Disney tends to gloss over loss of family pretty quickly. Big Hero 6 also won my heart as one of the most brilliant depictions of a biracial Asian lead (with a biracial Asian voice actor!) that I’ve yet to see surpassed.

What’s more fascinating, of course, are the endless possibilities available since the show is supposed to start just where the movie left off. For instance, what’s Hiro’s life like now that he’s actually attending San Fransokyo Tech as a student? What other villains might arise now that Professor Callaghan is in jail (or is he? And what about his rescued daughter Abigail?). What was it that Fred’s dad had to tell him? Are there any improvements that have been made to their superhero gear since the last time we saw it?  Will any of my Gogo ships ever come true?! One thing’s for sure: while Disney doesn’t exactly have the best track record for converting blockbuster movies to television, this one seems to be in good hands for now. And that my friends, is reason enough for fist pumps and celebration for now.

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