Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat #4 Review

Writer: Kate Leth / Artist: Brittney Williams / Marvel Comics

This book is such a joy, man. I feel like every review of this series needs to start off noting that. We see Patsy with a new job up in Brooklyn (STAND UP) in none other than the office of Howard The Duck. Howard, She-Hulk, and Patsy all run in the same circles and Kate does a great job acknowledging that and showcasing back issues that do the same. There is nothing better than when an writer is able to carve out a piece of a larger universe for a character and that is exactly what Leth has done here for Patsy. Patsy is the everyman/everywoman that is just trying to make ends meet and get her business idea off the ground.


The villain Casiolena has it out for Patsy and is still gathering an army of low, low… low, low, low-level villains. This book doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is what makes it so fun to read; Leth does a great job of introducing characters while throwing little jabs at their status in Marvel. Patsy has to deal with Casiolena’s lacky, which is getting in the way of her sorting out the rights to the Patsy Walker books that are being published without her consent (or royalty checks, gotta point that out).

Don’t even get me started on the amount of life Brittney Williams’ art brings to this book, man. It’s so vibrant and it feels like you are watching still images of an anime on page. Every item in every panel pops out just as much as the characters. Williams is the perfect artist for this series’ tone and feel.

patsy 2

You need to do yourself a favor and get up on this Patsy Walker series, folks. The humor alone is great, but the best part of reading the series is how hard you want to cheer Patsy to make it in New York.

8.4 Bag Ladies out of 10

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