Power Recap: Damage Control

  • Season: 5 / Episode: 2, Damage ControlStarz

    We kick off on wit murder on the docks. 2 cats get rolled up on by some Jimenez goons. They musta been Cali cats who “got approval” to drop their shipment there. They played cool, then tried to cap the Jimenez thugs — but catch fades instead. It was straight yoppers to the body! Somebody’s up to something.

    Grieving Season

    The St. Patrick fam are grieving something severe, especially Tasha, who (frontin’) is trying to be strong for Tariq. Tommy and Keisha eating banana pancakes like this a mufuckin’ Ryan Gosling rom-com. They got Jack Johnson playing in the background, reminiscing on good times with the kids until Tommy gets tight he couldn’t protect his god-daughter. Then, this great bit of acting and writing was interrupted by this annoying-ass spark Tommy tryna make happen. Keish looked at him mad sus.

    Tommy, Kanan and Ghost (aka the 3-headed Targaryen dragon), accuse each other of fucking up the hit on Dre. Kanan kept it 100, saying Dre ran from his boys like a herb-ass dude that got a heads up they were coming. They pull out their La Araña cards. That Jimenez warning ain’t to be taken lightly. Kanan feeling like his power level over 9000 cuz that man said “fuckin’ Spanish niggas, I ain’t afraid of nobody!”

    Outta nowhere, Jay, the Chicago plug roll up on Tommy and the Targaryens strapped the fuck up! They ready to murk out the reckless white boy for fucking up the port deal. Now Tommy gotta take a $2 million hit AND he out here offering to take out the Jimenez “brothers”. Jay couldn’t be happier, them deadass forces the most dangerous trio to squad up like a high school Bio lab teacher. On top of that, new shipment is coming and they gotta be ready. Kanan prepared to use Dre to lead them to the Jimenez and take all them out, Red Wedding style.

    Angela, Mak, Donovan and Saxe (aka Hater in the 1st Degree), lookin’ like dastardly villains. They talkin’ that shit now that they found the dead body of Toros Locos leader, Uriel, all nailed to a chair and popped in the dome. They think it’s the Jimenez crew tryna send a message, or a pissed off distributor retaliating. Little does Angela know it was her boo on a Raina revenge-filled rampage.

    Schemes and Sex Scenes

    Out at some ballin’-ass penthouse, Dre walks in on Diego Jimenez. Diego’s delivering the meanest backshots to some gorgeous girl while naked as his name day, all up on his open window. He doesn’t let Dre stay and finishes (crazy-ass kingpins). While his member is still swaying in the breeze, he discusses one of their stashes getting raided. It’s not a good look that one of their spots got knocked. He also wants to get Dre to gain control of one of these international clubs he promised he was destined for. He’s gotta use this next deal to make up for money he lost in the raid.

    Sidebar: The Toros Locos distribution leader fuel is heating UP. Dre’s gotta make a call between the more experienced contender and the younger, gullible one.

    Councilman Tate scheming on some app, telling James that he wants to help get that real estate venture poppin’. Reina’s death is making it hard for him to be involved publicly, however. Tate wants him to solve the death, or hold a press conference so donors can offer up their checkbooks in ‘honor’ *cough* of Reina’s legacy. Yeah, ok. Ghost tells Tasha about Tate’s desire to hold a press conference to try and “find Reina’s killer”. Tasha ain’t having that shit. Ghost considers not holding it, because any info on Ray Ray could lead back to Tariq.

    Proctor gets a visit from Mak at the bar, proposing to save his law license by breaking the law by giving Mak and the Feds more information on Ghost. He hits Mak with the Jaimie Foxx ssccuurrrrtttt hand to the face, but his whole energy shifts once Mak brings up his daughter not being taken care of.

    Dre and 2-Bit chop it up about the death of Father Callahan and Dre actin like he surprised, that snake-ass mufucka. 2-Bit hype off the possibility of becoming his new distro. Cristobal stops by to discuss who’s gonna take over Toros Locos. With a bit of a nudge from 2-Bit, Dre goes with the young cat over Lorenzo. Cristobal doesn’t agree, but Dre is ready to kill Lorenzo and ayebody else that gets in the way of this happening!

    Mak comes for Silver with a subpoena to take down Proctor. Angela looks up Brains’ profile and sees that he’s declared deceased along with the only other person who knew Ray Ray was fucking with Tariq. The Feds in the conference room have a break through on the laced coke death of that one dude and his wife by realizing the Jimenez “brothers” are the Toros Locos connect. They got their eyes on the big leagues. Once they get the building footage of Diego and the woman leaving (the woman they don’t know is Diego’s partner in crime, Alicia), they plan to go all the way in on this intel.

    Gotta Roll With The Power Punches

    Sammy rolls up on Tommy and tells him to get that ass in the whip. He brings him to a half-dead Carmine (the bum he hired to kill Dre), who explains how Dre got the drop on them. Tommy goes to see his pops, Tony Teresi — aka Hood Hannibal Lecter — in jail, cuz he know this shit is fucked. He gives Tommy some instructions: to accept the penalties he just made for himself, and to apologize like a man.

    Proctor has to defend himself from Mak and multiple judges’ pressing questions about potential cover ups and killings on his behalf. He plays the “I decided to become a defense attorney” card to try to show his good nature. They bring in Silver to testify and ask him about Proctor’s ethics. Silver basically says that Joe’s passion trumps his ethics: that sometimes, he breaks the rules for the benefit of his client’s innocence. Not looking good for ya boy, but he did well to not be rattled up there.

    Spanky and 2-Bit see Lorenzo walking on the block. 2-Bit decides to hit him with the drive by. That boy was on skates catching them bullets to the body, then 2-Bit rolls up on Dre and Cristobal boasting about lightin’ his ass up. They tight ‘cuz it’s curtains for all them if people find out it was Dre’s boy who took him out. Dre sets 2-Bit straight swiftly. He tells “Francis” that he got the juice now and to fall in line, then strips him and Spanky of their Blind Pig trap spot before walking away.

    Tasha goes ghost on her man, going to meet up with Angela. They at the diner to make sure Tariq’s name stays out of the Ray Ray death implications. Later, they link and Angela tells Tasha that Brains is dead, along with some dude named Big Country. They were down with some burglar ring. Tariq can’t get implicated in all that, so off to private school in CT he go.

    Dre is introduced as the new Toros Locos jefe and gets hella sly by making them take credit for the murder of Lorenzo. On the low low, Kanan bein equally sly. He tells his boys that Dre survived, but it’s all good cuz they gonna take over Tommy’s organization soon. Kanan always schemin’…

    Sex, Cameras, Action

    Councilman Tate holds the press conference and brings the St. Patricks up…on unannounced camera!! They looked genuinely scared. James keeps it short, but Tasha goes in on the heartstrings. She’ll never get to blow out the candles on her Sweet 16 cake, or walk down the aisle on her wedding day. It was damn good writing, and on point acting.

    Tommy’s hired half dead hit man is pronounced dead. Now, Tommy has to suffer the consequences. He takes a 50% cut on profits and will give restitution to the dead kids’ families. He’s told not to tarnish his dad’s name out here in these NYC streets. Sammy decks Tommy for lying and forcing him to cover for his ass the last time.

    Dre has a great opening night in his club, but has to deal with some asshole who’s not paying for the bottles he ordered. It turns out to be Diego Jimenez, who tells him he likes how he does business. He then tells Dre to fuck Francesca, so they reluctantly head to the bathroom. Dre ain’t bout it but Francesca says he’ll smell her pussy to check so he better hit that shit. Diego walks in to watch and scares Dre off. Crazy Spanish kingpins, man; they got a reputation for a particular kind of savagery on Power.

    Power Moves:

    Look like we know who Angela is gonna screw over.

    Maxine Waters swag, Tameika Robinson finds out that Tommy is Tony Teresi’s kid. She, Saxe, and Mak look giddy as kids running through Toys R’ Us in the 90s.

    Apparently Tommy cant tell his mom he knows about his lineage. He doesn’t seem like the type to keep something like that quiet…

    The International Haters Club, aka The Feds, think they can still lock up James St. Patrick (aka Ghost) for some deaths with the help of Maria Suarez’s testimony but Mak still don’t believe her voice ID is going to cut it.

    I hate that Tariq is tryna get sympathy points from the world ‘cuz he’s such a little piece of shit.

    Angie keeps dodging Jamie’s calls, which she better keep doing.

    I dont know who that dude Jeff is or who the kid Luke he allegedly killed was, but Ghost poked that boy up like a prison mate on Oz.

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    • KA

      Jeff was the drunk driver that killed a child of one of the families in the grief group that Tasha and Ghost went to.

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