Runaways #21 Cuts To The Chase

Writer: Rainbow Rowell / Artist: Andres Genolet / Marvel

If last week focused on the mundane, this week things get emotional! Rainbow Rowell is beginning to dive deep into the psyche of our young heroes with jaw-dropping, tear-jerking, exquisitely illustrated moments by Andres Genolet. I have to stop myself from marveling over these panels because this new artist has hit the ground running with Usain Bolt strides and I couldn’t be happier. He seems to be keeping Kris Anka’s “thick thighs take lives” energy by drawing stunning women of all sizes. Here for it.

First off, huge round of applause for Chase Stein: First of his name, The Innovative Fix-It Man, Grocery Shopping Maven, Child Whisperer, Engineer Elite, Man Bun Zaddy and Protector of the Squad. My guy out here putting the whole team on his back, flexing like Atlas! He throwin’ domesticated numbers up on the board and getting digits thrown at him like Westbrook in triple double mode.

It’s unbelievable how good of a guy he’s become! Rowell is making my a Chase Stan — which I have zero problems with, but the way this issue ends for him just breaks my heart.

Big ups to Rowell for introducing therapy into one of these young adults’ lives. It’s a no-brainier that one of them would result to licensed therapy after everything they’ve been through, and it’s good for that to be seen by readers of all ages. The snapshot of Karolina’s session was so real that I couldn’t help but feel for our usual ray of sunshine. What really struck me, though, was Genolet’s ability.The scene is portrayed such a classic comic book fashion, while still making it the artist’s own. In a positive way, it gave me wild Heroes In Crisis vibes. Despite how you and the rest of the world feels about the ending, you probably enjoyed the visual ride leading up to that final issue bomb drop.

Molly is still in a teenage funk. Disheartening to see this young ball of beaming joy in such a melancholic, vulnerable position. Leave it to Chase to end this depression-filled moment in Princess Powerful’s life, yet still wind up getting the short end of the stick.

Chase gets deaded on the regular bathroom, forcing him to resort to the creepy bathroom where he happens upon that tragic ending from last issue. What he ultimately discovers is something far worse, and very well may drive a wedge between the family he just swore to protect. Genolet has added a slick new look to this comic, while Rowell keeps the Eisner Award-nominated hits coming.

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