Runaways #7 Review

Runaways #7

Writer: Rainbow Rowell / Artist: Kris Anka / Marvel Comics

The gangs all back together in issue #7! Rainbow Rowell is in her element as she blesses us with some insight into our Runaways squad life at the Hostel. Molly refuses to give up her awesome life at school, which is a great callback to her difficult decision and reluctance to rejoin the team when they first showed up. Luckily, it was a no-brainer once her former caregiver went all Granny Goodness on the team. And did you see her return to school with all the swag and confidence of a Migos concert in Atlanta? She was Diddy boppin’ down the hallway and her homies like “YERRRRR Molly Hayes in the building!!” Girl missed 3 days of school and the team actin like Cavs fans when LeBron came home and won a ring!

Runaways #7

I really loved this sham Parent Teacher Conference that Chase and Nico were low key forced into. Low key cuz they were kinda loving it. I mean, they’re clearly the mom and dad of the group, but to see Chase suited up and Nico all over the middle school, spell finessing the shit out of the whole faculty? Phenomenal.

A ton of good writing in this issue. Rowell is at her peak when she can work on the chemistry and connections of our crew members, evident in the scene between Gert and Victor. All my mans robots and dem want is a fresh cut cuz a handsome head of hair. That and to stay a just as he is, so he cannot act out the evil deeds he was created for. Meanwhile, Gert just wants to be 15 again, watch Youtube videos for hours and play with someone’s hair. Kris Anka quietly creates a world that we can appreciate. The clothing for each hero is true to everyone and dope as all hell. The illustration on Molly and her best friend’s dugout handshake! Gert’s No Guff sweater?! Nico cool in all black… Just marvelous.

Runaways #7

Issue #7 of Runaways steers clear of the dazzling array of powers and action that our heroes are always flexing and involved in. Instead, Rowell opts for the superb relationship building she’s known for as our Runaways family dynamic gets that 2018 update.

7 Double-Double Dino Burgers out of 10

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