“Sabagebu” A show giving its best shot

The year of 2014 is almost over, but if you’re still searching high and low for an entertaining anime then look no further. Anime can be a land of milk and honey or a dead zone if you’re not careful. Allow me to be your guide through this forest we call Anime.

So let’s start this journey with a comedy,action,slice of life show called “Sabagebu: Survival Game Club!”

Sabagebu is a show about five high school girls. Yeah I know sounds like it’s another one of those but I assure you it’s not. The show revolves around their club, a survival game club. Each character has their own flavor that creates a blend of spices that would appeal to everyone’s taste buds. The girls use model Airsoft guns and compete in survival games by re-enacting famous scenes from movies or just getting some frustrations out by killing each other in the game. When either girl is shot they’re considered “dead” for the game, a fact that the narator constantly has to address.


The show caught me by surprise because it seemed like an ordinary high school show but it was far from it. The comedy and timing of this show is superb. The voice acting and characters are all very well thought out.
The main character is what really sticks out. She has a personality that I haven’t seen in a main character for while. That personality, if I could describe it in one word would be “Evil.” Not take over the world evil, but evil enough to take advantage of certain circumstances to win the survival games.

If you’re looking for a short twelve episode anime with the entertainment value of a show with two or three times as many episodes then follow my guidance and check out “Sabagebu: Survival Game Club!.”


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