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Tagline: The Last Revolution makes their move. (AND DO THEY. OR DO THEY REALLY?) What a fun looking cover this is, by the way!

INTENSIFY THE DRAMA FROM LAST ISSUE. Saga continues to be great at what it does: leading us along this perilous journey of feels and babies and death and making love/hate it every step of the way. Issue #29 opens to Hazel being on the cusps of being turned over by the big shot who wants her, and who also wants her parents dead. The Last Revolution who Dengo has called up to aid him in whatever plans I’m still not clear about is quickly becoming less and less of a mystery here and more of a threat as we see just how far they are willing to accomplish their grand plans. What’s interesting here is that this band of misfit warriors hold no allegiance to anyone: they’re different species from different planets but bound by the same ideology in mind. I know that they are minor characters but I’m more curious to how they all met up–they look to be all survivors affected somehow by the ongoing war or bounty hunters or both?



I have to say that the juxtaposition between the two “teams” the ladies, Gwen, The Brand, Sophie and the dudes–Marko and the Prince and Ghus has really grown on me. Each team is traveling with a goal in mind but the girls get along MUCH better and tidbits of backstory keep being slipped, which is fine in my book. In the back of the issue where folks send in letters and emails to Brian K, a reader noted that he had an issue with Marko’s character arc, (i.e. him taking drugs to escape guilt, etc) because Marko is a more “by the books” fellow. Marko is a man who lives by his vows. He is straight and narrow. Now, I’m not throwing this reader under the bus. I think by all accounts, this person is right.

That DOES sound like Marko. But here’s the thing: people under stress change.  Characters under the demands of conflict change and bend and break. Look at Marko now. Did you ever imagine that he’d be fighting for his life alongside Prince IV to save what’s left of their families? Hell, did you ever image the two of them in one room together with their heads and appendages still attached?  What am I trying to say here? I think more than one character in this comic has done some things this time around that probably rubbed us all the wrong ways. Personally,I’m unhappy with Yuma’s character development and what it lead to. I just have to look ahead, look forward to how this current story arc ends so I can put everything in prospective.


saga 1

First Place Winner to Best Reaction Picture.
First Place Winner to Best Reaction Picture.


Issue #29 ends with some NSFW content that made me holler and not just scream-laughing (Omar knows what’s up.) but the horror-stricken kind as well. MY GAWD. I’m convinced that the more and more envelopes Brian and Fiona continually push, the more and more folks try to throw it under the bus. At this point, being the heavily decorated comicbook that it is, I don’t feel like this team can do no wrong .I believe that they have gotten very good at putting out an incredible story that is executed well on both ends with the art and the writing. I also believe that one  downside to this magic formula is the major cliff hangers between issues and between TPB’s that leave people in disbelief and rage. Looking forward to lying in bed after writing this and doing the death toll as I count sheep trying to go to bed tonight. Till next issue!

END NOTE: SOMEONE FINALLY DID IT?! OMG! You brave and incredibly nerdy bastards. Saluate a real Ghus fan when you see one.


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