Sailor Moon Crystal Leaked Transformation Sequence

Sure, it’s Independence Day, our big, nationwide celebration of freedom. But you know what I’m thinking about? The premiere of “Sailor Moon Crystal” tomorrow. If you’re like me and can’t wait for the wave of magical girl anime nostalgia to hit you tomorrow, then I’ve got this leaked transformation sequence from the new show.

If you’re a superhero, you know that your costume change/entrance is an important consideration. Should you duck into a phone booth or a shadowy alley? Or should you dramatically rip open your shirt to show off the costume hiding underneath?

There were many aspects of “Sailor Moon” that were endearingly campy and ridiculous (all in the absolute best way, of course), and the transformation sequence was one of them. Ribbons that magically transform into a sailor suit and boots, along with matching earrings and a complementary magical manicure? Now that’s what I call a makeover.

The leaked video compares the transformation sequences of the original “Sailor Moon” series to that of the new “Sailor Moon Crystal.” Basically, the new one got a Tinkerbell-esque makeover, with more glitz and glitter and considerably more flourish–all in shiny, new 3-D CGI. Check the video out below.

“Sailor Moon Crystal” will make its American debut on July 5 on Hulu.

And here’s our favorite magical girl show by the numbers, quoted courtesy of the Japan Times.

  • $13 billion in merchandising revenue
  • 200 episodes aired once a week in Japan
  • 60 chapters published in Nakayoshi
  • 50 countries in which it’s seen
  • 5 (at least) acts of censorship
  • 5 Inner Planet Sailor Scouts
  • 4 Outer Planet Sailor Scouts
  • 3 Sailor Star Scouts
  • 2 talking cats
  • 1 rose-wielding Tuxedo Mask
  • Millions of fans around the world

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