Scales & Scoundrels #10 Review

The Buck Stops Here

Writer: Sebastien Girner / Artist: Galaad  / Image Comics

How have you not read the previous nine issues of Scales & Scoundrels already? Oh, you have.  And you think it’s one of the best comics out right now? Wait. You love how Scales and Scoundrels magically crafts a unique, genuine universe out of medieval archetypes we’re familiar with by writing in grounded character growth arcs? So do I! I’m sorry, I’m just surprised that in the current age of reproducing cheap stories and continuing bloated legacies far beyond their expiration date that any of us would be reading an original story.

Scales & Scoundrels #10 is just that – an original story. Luvander left their friends shortly after the danger was over in issue #7 to do some soul-searching. Lu finds what they’re looking for and then some, by going home. Issue #10 brings us to a remote castle where the Urden lords meet in secret: and we finally learn a crap ton about Luvander’s origins and how they became cursed with being bipedal.

Scales & Scoundrels #10

There’s more lore in this one than you shake a stick at and the writer/artist duo of Girner and Galaad are giving it out for the low-low like candy the day after Halloween. Scales & Scoundrels #10 gets deep into understanding the core of Luvander’s motivations and, more importantly, adds a Lando Calrissian looking Urden to the mix! He’s already Prince levels of pretty AND he’s a dragon on the low? But, these are MY favorite things.

Scales & Scoundrels #10

As per usual, Scales and Scoundrels deliver another quality story (another one) with the deliberate pacing of a decathlete. Scales #10 gets the job done, and elevates all parts of the craft while doing it. Scales and Scoundrels is a very satisfying read, I wholeheartedly suggest it!

8 seats at the table out of 10

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