Secret Wars #7 Review

writer: Jonathan Hickman / artist: Esad Ribic / Marvel Comics

Well, Secret Wars is finally back and it seems that all the various threads are finally starting to converge on each other. The rebels or various servants of Doom have begun to not only talk about rise up against him, this is full out rebellion. The Prophet who has been taking over lands and assembling an army is now all but on Doom’s doorstep, which has drawn the attention of loyalist and opportunists alike. We don’t get a whole lot of Doom himself in this issue, but I don’t know where more Doom would’ve have fit anyway. This is a pretty stuffed issue, both continuing and revisiting some side stories that are proving important now. The action got cranked up a bit this time around and I especially like the civil war brewing between the Thors. Ultimately, this was a pretty solid issue that moved the ball down the field in a significant way, paving the road for the last two issues of this very late and very epic run.

The art on this one was a mixed bag to me. It works well in most of the action scenes as it often feels large in its stature and kinetic in it’s movement. The weaknesses from the earlier issues in the series have cropped up, where the faces look a bit soft and the non-action panels feel a bit flat. Still, this is a good overall issue, even if it doesn’t reach the peak of the series.

Secret Wars finally creeps back into our consciousness considering how many books have started in what is supposed to be the wake of the series. More action and plots converging on each other make this a worthy installment, as we wait to see what will be come of Doom the God.

8.0 out of 10


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