Arrow Recap: Lost Souls

Season 4 / Episode 6 / The CW

And you say Star City!

Felicity: Ride or Die

Felicity is off her rocker tracing the message from Ray Palmer. She’s been hacking the world non-stop with the help of a crazy amount of chips, snacks, and energy drinks. Oliver walks in and introduces himself to Curtis after a slight hesitation of, “Who this tall, dark brotha spending all this tech time with my bae?” He didn’t even notice Curtis got a little weak in the knees when Mr. Queen walked in. Homie has to remind himself that Ollie’s straight and he’s a married man! Afterwards, Felicity finally keeps it A1 with the “I’m alive” message from Ray. I’m talking real deal finally showing Ollie. Before she was on that “ehhh, I’m gonna be emo and tell you about how hard it’s been to make the decision to listen to my dead ex-boyfriends coded message to me. But noooooowwwww can we save him?”, Oliver hit her with that calm cool and collected response of, “When we know more details, we’ll make a move.” Felicity gets an alert from the back trace program she was running on Ray’s whereabouts. They suddenly get a grainy video of Ray, alive in a whiskey glass somewhere. He reveals that his suit is super dope and functional, but was just a little too dope this time around.

Felicity realizes he somehow figured out a way to miniaturize his suit and himself and is now trapped in somebody’s evil clutches. She knows the bad guys can’t use the technology they kidnapped him for in that small state. They need to rescue him ASAP using the schematics Ray left behind for a device that should bring him back to size. Post video message, ya girl Felicity went into full on Supergirl savior mode. She puttin in that graveyard shift work and overtime to save Ray, and being a little bit of a pain about it. She straight up hit Ollie with the ultimatum of, “Build something to help out, or get the fuck out of my way.” She up in Palmer Tech with Curtis discovering some historical shit while creating this size converter, but she can’t even enjoy the half of it because at any moment somebody could crush Ray like a Cheez Doodle. Curtis lets Felicity know they can build the machine needed to return Ray to his normal size, except for the one item they don’t have and need to acquire; a quantum manifold. Aaand who do you think has it? Only their biggest competitor — Kord Industries. THEN to put the icing on the cake, Felicity gets a visit from the one and only super bubbly and blonde mom.

United We Form Voltron

Team Arrow is back out here in full force. Oliver Queen reppin hard on that Green Arrow flow. John Diggle out here with the burner on the hip, ready to let it go at any moments notice. Speedy finally got her murder thirst shit together and is holding it down for the team. Laurel in the cut reppin that badass leather Canary outfit.

Felicity behind the scenes, hacking the world, yelling at Oliver for inviting her mom over for dinner. And lastly Sara. Sara back in her old Canary suit ready to put that work in again. Sliiight problem though. Shorty thought she was good to go after the Constantine soul calibration but in reality, she’s just as hungry for bodies as Zoom is to kill Flash. Oh and Kord done upgraded that security too doooo. Alarm goes off and Kord’s got men on the quantum manifold stealing scene real quick. The gang springs into action and they take out the guaranteed-to-get-bodied victims. THEN out of nowhereeeee Sara goes full Planet of the Apes ground pound on one of the guards.

Back at the Lair, Felicity gets another alert and Ray appears on the screen, but only long enough to see Damien Darhk appear in the background. Felicity lashing out in anger shitting on everybody’s life for not trying to save Ray as much as she is. Ollie continues to hit her with the calm cool collected approach and tells her that mom dukes has been asking for him to whip up some goodness in the kitchen. That night is tonight, until Lance and Curtis come through with their intel.

At dinner, Felicity goes into complete shut down mode. After her mom starts to leave and tells her that arguments usually lead to good makeup sex, Felicity tells Oliver that she feels guilty. She was swept up in that Oliver Queen P90x video and couldn’t take her eyes off the video, even though Ray was sending out distress signals for months.
Dig and Ollie are having grown man talk time at Arrow Lair. Dig keeps it real. Ollie feels better. Classic bromance moment.

Miss and Mrs. Smoake are back at Felicity’s crib having grown girl pillow talk time. Mom dukes keeps it real. Felicity feels better. Classic mother-daughter moment.

Darhk Days

Darhk meets up with Quentin and tells him some cryptic shit about how he wants to make the city useful. Lance asks for Darhk’s assistance with Sara since he’s more familiar with the magic mumbo jumbo. Darhk threatens him for thinking he could ever summon him somewhere and bounces on a disrespectful tip. All part of their plan though. The team finds out where Darhk is likely holding Ray, and convinces Felicity to let Curtis get down with the squad for one night only. They set up the trap.

Felicity and Curtis come zip lining into the building through a window!! They get ready to science the shit out of Ray’s mini situation. In the Hanger, the ill battle ensues with them guns and dem bows. Meanwhile, Ollie is acting like he was really caught by Darhk then goes for the jugular when he tries to shoot an arrow through his Darhk heart. As we all expected, he chooses Mewtwo and deflects the shot with Professor X psychic ease then begins to choke the life out of Mr. Queen. Luckily, Ollie has some smoake bomb/flash bang trick up his sleeve and escapes. Felicity and Curtis are simultaneously freeing Ray from his mini mid-life crisis while the badass three horsewomen light up the whole Arrow/Flash-verse with their fighting techniques and vigilante prowess.

Yeaaaaaahhh that was all well and good until Sara pounces on this one dude and snaps his neck for absolutely no reason. They exit swiftly.

Back at Arrow Lair, the gang fills Ray in on the man that tried to transform him into a lab rat, Damien Darhk and HIVE.

Flashback: Oliver shows Conklin and the torturer where Constantine took him. They use the red orb that Constantine left Ollie to decipher something on the wall. The torturer tells Ollie to go to the other side of the island and lead an excavation until they find his “gift.” Conklin is still unsure of Queen’s motives and the torturer sends him to accompany Oliver. When they get to the spot, one of the outspoken slaves tells him they need a break in order to dig as much as Oliver wants. He gives them a 15 minute break and then tells Conklin he’s going to grub in peace. In reality he’s going to help out shorty he freed from the slavery chain gang earlier. Upon returning, Oliver expects his subjects to fall in line, but little does he know that Conklin has paid off the mouthy Western European to take Mr. Queen out. Too bad this man couldn’t recognize a killer right before his eyes.

Quiver Me Timbers!

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