Sinestro #6 Review (Godhead: Act I, Part VI)

writer: Cullen Bunn / artist: Daniel Eaglesham

So confession time: even as a big Lantern guy, I haven’t been keeping up with the Lantern books. They just…just haven’t had much for me. When I grabbed this week’s Sinestro and saw it was part of the Godhead crossover, then I figured, what the hell, let me go catch up on the previous installments of the storyline. So, two days and five parts later, I feel properly prepared. Most solo books suffer when they are included in a crossover event, but because the Sinestro book has stalled a little bit of late, then a big grandiose threat (befitting Sinestro’s ability and ego) might be a nice shot in the arm for this book. This particular issue is interesting in an examination of Sinestro as he has more admiration for the New Gods (particularly Bekka, General of New Genesis) then he has disdain. While Sinestro isn’t fighting much, we do see his cut throat tendencies as a tactician play out. It’s intersting to see Sinestro play the long game, as his confidence in his abilities rarely allow for a continued battle.

As usual, Eaglesham works the large and busy action sequences well, leaving us able to track the impact and consequences of the battle cleanly. Sometimes the reactions of Soranik are a bit much, but overall the characterizations are good and he’s captured the “above it all” smirk of Sinestro from the beginning.

A good installment for both Sinestro and the Godhead storyline of some consequence in the big picture. It will be interesting to see how Sinestro Corps not only factor into the overall conflict but how they are forced to cooperate with their enemies, the other corps.


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