Nyssa Al Ghul is back up in this piece looking for her Bae Sara. She slipped through Arrow security with ease (which I assume is a an open door with a sign that says, “Not The Arrow’s Hideout At All” at this point) and is holding Ollie at bow point asking what happened to Sara. Ollie: Umm yeaaaaah about Sarah.

She dead... again.
She dead… again.

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Nyssa gets her “Naaaah, naaaaaah b” on in disbelief for a second before telling Team Arrow why Sara was back in the first place. She was tracking a former member of the league of Assassins’, a man that use to go by the moniker the magician… You may know him as Malcolm Merlyn. Ollie like “Nah…nah I killed old boy”. Nyssa informs him, “Well that shit aint stick”. Nyssa starts implementing Merlyn as the Murderer of Sara. She suggests using the child he had as bait till Ollie tells her that it’s his sister. Roy tracks Nyssa as she leaves (on Ollie’s request).

Ollie arrives at Nyssa’s safe house which was actually Sara’s. Sara had pics of Malcolm feet up chilling in Starbucks, coming out of strip clubs, returning movies back to his local red box, etc. etc. Malcolm Merlyn back up in this piece with a new album basically. mmmusic
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Laurel visits her father to investigate a lead Sara had toward Malcolm. Nyssa runs into Laurel a second time (a first being at Sara’s grave where Nyssa told Laurel, “You ain’t even fit to rock Sara’s jacket, that I gave her actually. Out here blaming the League for taking her in go somewhere with THAT shit”. When Laurel started on her complaining shit) at the police station. Nyssa noticed that she hasn’t told her father that Sara is for real dead this time. She keeps her secret as Lance greets her… which isn’t weird at all since Nyssa kidnapped Laurel last season and all and… whatever I guess it’s behind them now.

The lead proves useful as it gives insight on Merlyn location. A friend he may be taking refuge with. Team arrow suits up and heads out with Nyssa to the location.

Roy: I been meaning to ask, why don't you rock a mask?
Roy: I been meaning to ask, why don’t you rock a mask?

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Nyssa gets the drop on the lead they were chasing and asks where Malcolm is but it turns out the lead was actually dead all along. The only Nyssa has eyes on is Merlyn Music himself. Merlyn gets passed Nyssa with the quickness. He was about to escape but Ollie grazes him with an Arrow. After getting chewed out by Laurel for not killing Merlyn when he had the chance. Merlyn was on to the trick and meets Ollie in public to tell him, “Hey…it wasn’t me man”.

Ollie tells Nyssa he doesn’t think Malcolm did it. Nyssa says fuck that noise. She seeks out Thea who was hanging with Roy coming back from the club Thea is about to buy back. Roy sees the danger AND DOES THE MOST UNNECESSARY PARKOUR MOVES off a car to confront Nyssa and she hits him with a dart to the neck…proving how unnecessary it was to begin with since he on the floor knocked out now. She then kidnaps Thea.

Thea: aaaaaand then a dart to the neck. nice. alright Nyssa take me away.
Thea: aaaaaand then a dart to the neck. He’s out. nice. alright Nyssa take me away.

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Arrow shows up for the rescue on his sister and so does Merlyn. What happens next is the best fight in the season thus far. Triple threat match to the death. Ollie comes out on top but Nyssa Al Ghul was giving them the Xianguha work! She was not playing any games. No button mashing just straight skill. Ollie gets the upper hand on Merlyn as Nyssa is tied up with a bola arrow. Merlyn states again that he did not kill Sara. That if anyone had any motive to it would be Ra’s that would have killed her. Ollie believes him. Back at the hide out Nyssa gives Ollie the falcon punch to end all falcon punches for taking Malcolm’s side.


Ollie says Star City is off limits to the League of Assassins. Nyssa pays some respect to Laurel and her growth thus far that she has seen before leaving for good back to the league. Nyssa heads back home to tell Ra’s about what has transpired. Ra’s could give a fuuuuuuuck less about Sara. However, Ollie talking bout star city being off limits while he tryin to reap that ass on Merlyn tho? Oh no. That shit is not going to fly with white washed Al Ghul one bit folks.

"Fuck Sara, Fuck Merlyn, and Fuck Ollie! My assassin's wear black and sword stays red. We goin to Star City!"
“Fuck Sara, Fuck Merlyn, and Fuck Ollie! My assassin’s wear black and sword stays red. We goin to Star City!”

We learn a bit more of Ollie’s time over seas with Waller in the past and an operation that Ollie thought Amanda was trying to ordered Ollie to kill this one target. Turns out the plane that didn’t get shot down when Ollie was on the Island was harboring a dangerous villain that is now also in Hong Kong. One that will be highly familiar to long time watchers.


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