Writer: Jason Latour / Artist: Robbi Rodriguez / Marvel Comics

Back in the tangled web of what this series has become, we have a brief moment of beautiful tension between Earth-65’s Captain America and Matt Murdock. The two square off in verbal jabs, both of them damaged and bandaged after having taken a physical beatdown a few issues ago before Gwen Stacy disappeared into the multiverse. Neither know where she is, and the scene offers a great start to an issue that spirals from there as we eventually go back to where we left off with Gwen and the Watchers in a multi-dimensional comedy of sorts. The opening scene, though, is great.

From there, most of the charm found in the issue can be found here and there, with a clever turn of phrase or a funny remark. If you aren’t a fan of this plot diversion though, you’ll find little comfort or entertainment where the series currently stands. At worst, the Watcher and inter-dimensional spiders represent the worst of the series right now, if only for their theft of panel space from Captain America, Matt Murdock, and the more interesting plot that could be happening if not for this strange twist on much of what came before it. We looked forward to Gwenom for a long time but by now she’s long outstayed her welcome, spilled wine on your couch, and refuses to leave. As mentioned earlier though, until things change, we can find solace in scenes like this:

Outside of that, being a Spider-Gwen fan right now is something like being a Lupe Fiasco fan after Food & Liquor 2. You know it’s a lot better than this. So you just have to wait until it’s through playing around. And that can’t come soon enough, but eventually, it’ll come. Right?

6.5 out of 10

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