Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Oscar Bazaldua / Marvel Comics

Here we freaking go. Finally, we get down to the gully shit. Miles awakens to find himself in his Uncle Aaron’s place. Aaron is trying to talk their issues out with Miles man-to-lil’ man. It was refreshing to see Aaron taking this approach in trying to talk to Miles considering he’s the reason Aaron died in the first place. Miles makes the smartest decision he’s made in a long time and gets the hell out of there.

Jefferson and Rio have their heart-to-heart moment as Miles rushes in to tell him 1) the news of Uncle Aaron’s return and 2) that his parents should leave town immediately. Meanwhile, we see the contrast in the relationship Lana has with her own mother and how it varies from Miles’. The talk between Aaron and Miles is a good scene as Aaron talks about not knowing how or why he’s come back. I think we have Molecule Man to thank for that from back in Secret Wars II but don’t mind me.

Don’t Call It a Retcon

Bendis gives us a good scene between Aaron and Miles re-establishing themselves. We don’t delve too deep into the events that caused Miles to inadvertently eight-six Aaron. Instead, we’re treated to Aaron’s view of how the world works and his justifiable reasons for being a burglar. It’s safe to assume we’ll get deeper below the surface in upcoming issues. I do have some questions tho, like why Jefferson and Rio don’t stay to face Aaron? I can see them getting Rio to safety, but you’d think that Jefferson would stay behind with Miles at least.

Perhaps this is Miles’ parents trusting their son to handle this himself. I wish they could trust their son to not run through the city with his damn mask off (it happens again). I honestly dunno how all of NYC doesn’t know who Miles is at this point. I’ll never let that go. Anyhow, Oscar Bazaldua continues to kill it with the art. I loved the way Aaron came across this issue. He’s genuine but still has levels of danger too him. Bendis writes Aaron as someone a step ahead and in control of the situation while Bazaldua shows it visually through these bad ass poses in the Iron Spider suit.

Aaron Davis is still that cool uncle and you can tell that he hopes that he can lure Miles to his view of the world. There are a few subtle surprises outside of Miles and Aaron’s conversation that are going to make things difficult for the both of them. Miles’ personal life and Aaron’s professional life may become very vulnerable very soon.

8.4 Not Loyal Mofos out of 10

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