Writer: Kieron Gillen / Artist: Salvador Larroca / Marvel Comics

Star Wars has been mostly good for the past few years with Jason Aaron at the helm. But no good comic run lasts forever so Aaron has moved on from the book, presumably to focus the rest of his chakra into continuing to keep The Mighty Thor as legendary as humanly possible. The torch has been passed to Kieron Gillen and it’s gotten off to a rocky start but hopefully, things will get back on track.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this is going to be the week for that. On the upside, I greatly appreciate the exploration into the aftermath of the events from Rogue One. After all, it’s easy to just assume that being on the side of right makes any actions in the service of that side morally just. But showing the good and bad effects of said actions on civilians bring those characters into a gray area that makes us question both sides of this war between the Alliance and the Empire. However, something about the execution just wasn’t compelling enough to justify an issue with only a couple pages of action beats.

Also, even though it wasn’t as bad as last week, Salvador Larroca’s artwork is becoming a glaring problem. Seeing the photo-realism of the movie characters next to non-movie characters (whose expressions clearly weren’t lifted directly from movie screencaps) is almost like watching Michael Jordan dunking on Looney Tunes in Space Jam.

Bottom Line: The ideas are there. The premise is there. But the script feels slower than the premise and the art is going to continue to be this book’s worst enemy. I sigh at what this book has become because I’ve seen what it could be.

6 Smart Mouth British sounding droids out of 10

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