Star Wars #5 Review

writer: Jason Aaron / artist: John Cassaday / Marvel Comics

Marvel has gotten its reboot of the Star Wars extended universe off to a great start with a line of engaging books from top notch talent. However, Jason Aaron’s time with the flagship title has put it a step above the rest. The series fully encompasses the fun and interstellar swashbuckling that lit up the eyes of so many nerds when the movie first hit the silver screen.

This week, geekdom’s most overrated bounty hunter, Boba Fett, touches down on Tatooine hot on the heels of the young rebel pilot who laid waste to the Death Star. As he has with most of these time-honored, beloved characters (even the overrated ones like Fett), Aaron captures the appropriate toughness and terror associated with the bounty hunter. The mood isn’t quite as melancholy as last month’s issue, but there is still an overall theme of tension and soul searching. Luke feels inadequate, Han is definitely restless, and Leia is weary and exhausted.

star wars 5

The real gem in this issue is, by far, Leia and Han teaming up to embark on a special mission in the outer rim. The bickering and sexual tension we know and love about these two alone makes the whole thing worth the four bucks. Meanwhile, John Cassaday is still one of the best artists in the industry and it shows on every page. Almost every panel of action could be placed by itself and used as a poster or an ad for the series as a whole.

Bottom Line: A solid effort by Aaron and Cassaday that picks up a bit in mood as well as pace. 8 out of 10.


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