Super Sons #12 Review

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason / Artist: Tyler Kirkham / DC Comics

The Super Sons of Tomorrow crossover event has reached its inevitable end, and I’m sad to see it. Damian Wayne and Jon Kent’s adventures have always been fun to read, but seeing them interact directly with the larger DC universe has been a wonderful change of pace. Bridging the Superman and Teen Titans titles has allowed Gleason and Tomasi to explore more nuanced character dynamics and set the stage for the next part of the Super Sons’ lives.

The opening pages bookend the event perfectly. Tim Drake, former Batman of Tomorrow and current Savior, monologues about the nature of heroics. The ephemeral nature of the DC multiverse is mused upon. There is a loud explosion. It’s solid storytelling. Savior was a perfect antagonist for the arc, a catalyst that causes a cascade of consequences all in the name of the greater good. And in the aftermath, we see multiple teams try to understand their place in all of this. And most important, we see Damian and Jon more dedicated to each other than ever before. The finale to Super Sons of Tomorrow is in many ways the closing of the first act of the World’s Soon-To-Be-Finest. The progression from sparring partners to… well, partners continues to highlight Tomasi and Gleason’s ability to write the young heroes.

Kirkham’s art blends the different styles of the parent titles creating a unified aesthetic, aided by Tomeu Morey’s colors. Of particular interest is each of the characters’ animated facial expressions, full of emotion and accentuating the dialog perfectly. Solemn gazes into the distance, victorious smirks, furrowed brows give the text heart. I discussed these same details in Superman #38 and it speaks to the meticulousness the different teams have put into this event.

It’s a fitting conclusion. It wraps up the storylines and makes you want more of the characters. You can’t really ask for better.

9.2 “Dramatic Monologues” out of 10

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