Superman #14 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Ivan Reis / DC Comics

Firstly, my heart skipped a beat when I read Superman #14 ’s tag line. “The Final Fate of the Monster who Killed Krypton”. Finally! I am so tired of Rogol Zaar and his retconning murder frenzy for Superman’s family. My elation paused when I read the actual arc title. “The Unity Saga: The House of El Conclusion: part one.” So we might not be done? I don’t know anything anymore. My sassiness subsided, though, as the comic quickly captured my attention.

Rage, Rage, Frackin’ RAGE!

Last issue ended with Jor El flying his spaceship along with Superman to the remains of a destroyed Krypton with Rogol Zaar not far behind. Superman is confused as to why his father chose to come here until an explosion rattles the area. Seeing the remnants of his home planet throws Zod into a frenzy and he starts wrecking Zaar’s shit. Jor El’s plan to have Zod and Rogol kill each other is solid, as the radiation from the Kryptonian graveyard will finish them. Ok Superman, all we gotta to do is wait here and . . . he flies out to help Zod. The next few pages might as well be a collective agreement that everyone involved is done with Rogol’s nonsense. Supe and Zod are joined by Supergirl armed with her big ass axe, Superboy, and Krypto for the final battle.

Things Get Diplomatic and Weird

Cut to Thanagar the next day. The galaxy is in turmoil after half of the planets are getting attacked or facing some kind of threat. Inspired by Jonathan, Superman proposes a galactic version of the United Nations. What happens next, I call the anti-X-Men. Instead of a time traveler coming back in time to try to prevent some horrible catastrophe, someone comes to Superman’s present to tell them how awesome this decision was. The book ends with a lead into a new title that Bendis will head starting next month.

My favorite part of this comic was definitely Superman and Zod fighting Rogol. Ivan Reis murdered those pages. I felt that double uppercut and the glare that they give Rogol is deliciously visceral. I had a flashback to the team-up fights with Naruto and Sasuke. It is refreshing to have a Bendis book driven primarily by the art. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy Jor El continuously trying to be the voice of pragmatism just to be utterly ignored by Superman.

9 “Legions” out of 10

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