Season 1 / Episode 12/ The CW

And you say Central City! We catch up with Barry Allen post setting a new PR for top speed efficiency after rescuing some folks from an exploding car. Barry is hitting that Need for Speed and getting that confidence some extra EXP points.

Meanwhile outside Iron Heights, we see a young woman (of color) with hair fresher than the produce aisle of your local Shop Rite getting her Joanna Dark on scoping out a window with a mini telescope. My immediate guess is she just happens to be a connoisseur of windows or something. Nah man, apparently she is a metahuman with a very unique ability.

Yeap, she got the ability to go 0-10 real quick. She proceeds to bust her dude out of jail and make for a clean get away. We find out back at their place, his name is Clay and despite his girl being able to teleport, he owes a dude named Marcus. Apparently, Marcus got ties to Sallie Mae cause you gotta pay ya debts or this guy will find your ass. So you know some Bonnie and Clyde shit bout to happen.

Barry investigates the crime scene and gets to run into his father in person. Joe West managed to let that father son time happen cause he got it like that. Daddy Allen even gets some background info on Clay and the gang figures out Shawna is the meta human that busted him out with the ability to teleport. Barry wants his father to leave the informant game alone. Yeah, we’ll see how that works out.

Cisco knowing Ronnie Raymond is out still putting the flames in the game, takes the gamble on Hartley showing him what happened to his dude. That guilt got Cisco going hard in the remorse as he has to tolerate Hartley on this mystery. Harltey takes him to the spot where Prof. Stein was and we see a smoldering outline on the wall… Hartley informs Cisco in Japanese that (something pretentious he coulda said in English).

Hartley also tries to test Cisco and gets a lovely surprise.

Yeaaaaaaah boy Cisco with the judo hip toss #2 from WWF No Mercy on Hartley! He placed some sonics in his cuffs to disrupt his ass as well. Cisco is not playing around. Hartley plays ball again then takes Cisco to check out the surveillance video where we see the after image of Ronnie combining with Martin Stein before they both disappear. The mystery of Firestorm is drawing closer to the answers. Hartley then peaces out by taking out his ear pieces that release a sonic wave (taylor Swift music) that knocks Cisco down for the count. Hartley is hilarious as he kicks Cisco and is like, “Welp, we’re good now. Later….. oh and I hate your khakis fyi.”.

Flash gets the drop on Shawna and Clay post-heist. Yo, Shawna was looking at Flash with the “I ain’t impressed” face. She ready to put homies speed to the test, early!

Sun, she ain’t let Barry get the hands on her again. She crossed the boy up something nasty. Straight up worse than when barry got with the Honey Mustard Flash. Then told’em, “yeah not many men can keep up with all o’dis”. DAMN! You got plaaaayed and shot Barry bruh? Your done homie.

Not a good day for B. Allen right now.

After Allen caught the pump fake to the achilles, we get him and Caitlin hanging out together drinking and trying to have some semblance of a social life. Caitlin trying to get past Ronnie working for Hot topic and bringing 1992 Garage grunge back into style, and Barry realizing he trying to do all this extra with Iris West to no avail. The drinks ensue and we see Caitlin wylin out and getting Barry up on the Karaoke stage. The Flash is not only fast but apparently also moonlights as a member of a barbershop quartet.

We also see a woman named Linda come up and hit Barry with the best game we’ve ever seen on Network Television.

Linda: Whats good with you and your partner. IS that you? nah. word…word..word… you know about this new phone ap? shit crazy. Lets you upload someones info just by touching phones *touches phones* see… now you got my math… rest is up to you.

Barry: *incoherent Jeff Goldblum stuttering*

Barry takes Caitlin back home in her drunken state and is mad ally about it.

After coming back in to Star Labs with the ill-na-na of hang overs, Cisco comes clean about Hartley escaping and him having to sacrifice Ronnie. Caitlin tells him its all good. Wells has a theory about Shawna or “Peekabo” as she has been named. She is only able to transport to where she can see. So to shut her down you gotta turn off

Shut’em Down Barry

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Joe West got the drop on Meta Bonnie and clyde as they were settling their debt with Marcus. Joe showed up to a shoot out in the trench with a beanie. My man so fucking swag’d out on this show!!! Barry then gets word that pops was shanked in the penn straight up OZ style after he was helping to inform Joe more about Marcus crew. Barry gets revenge on the watered down Brett Michaels that stabbed his dad as well as finding out where Peekabo and her boo (see what I did there) are headed.

Peekaboo: This fuckin guy...
Peekaboo: This fuckin guy…

Barry stands between Peekabo and her dude’s freedom. The girl takes out her baton, steps out the whip and put the fucking MANICURE on Flash. I’m talking she went straight up Nightcrawler in X-Men Arcade using his special attack man. I’m talking left right, left hook, hook again, Let’s take this to the second floor, still whooping your ass up here too aaaaand I’m back in the car while you on the ground EMBARRASSED. Barry had to take out the lights with the quickness to get the advantage.

Barry goes to grab Shawna and sees her boo left her ass. On that sucka shit. Barry was going to feel bad but remembered she just got done whooping his ass with a baton soooooo to the jail cell you you goooo lady. Barry rolls through to Iris as the Flash to get her help as a reporter in finding the boyfriend Clay.

We then see Barry show up at Iris’ job…but it aint to see Iris thooooooooo.


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Iris West just realized…

Now we know Arrow has the most dope game villain on the scene with Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. So who in the Rogues Gallery fucking With Slade? Captain Cold?, The Reverse (Honey Mustard) Flash? The fucking Top? No homie. It’s time to bring out the big guns, b. Only one can step up to the plate… as we see when some sanitation workers roll up in the sewers and discover….THE GAWD BACK!!!!!

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