The Flash Recap: Heroes vs Aliens

Season 3 / Episode 8 / The CW

The Flash takes Supergirl’s intro to the 4 night crossover event and ramps it up to 9.0 on the Richter Scale of Dopeness.

We pick up with Wally who is crushin’ everything! They’re running the standard speedster tests on him and homie is leagues ahead of the Flash when he first popped out the Speed Force womb. He’s already hit Mach 2, his vitals look great, his recovery skills are impressive and Cisco is feelin’ it! Or perhaps he just wanted another chance to throw shade at Barry since he still in his feelings about the Dante Flashpoint death. Sorry, Wally.. Iris ain’t tryna him know just how good he is. Can’t have you running off trying to be a hero this early. Cisco is still in his bag something severe and is letting errbody know.

Star Labs: HR has been busy trying to convince everyone to get down with his Star Labs museum idea when a meteor crash-lands in C-City. Barry goes to check it out and gets blasted backwards by the ship as aliens rush out of that shit like slaves fleeing the south after Nat Turners Revolt. Fuckin’ Mars Attacks on steroids.

Amanda Waller’s replacement is down at the crash site putting the kibosh on some woman’s investigation who claims the news is lying (true) and this was more than a Department of Defense exercise gone bad. Barry tells New-Waller what he saw and she meets him at Star Labs.

Homegirl got the low down. She tells them the aliens are called Dominators. They’d come to Earth in the 40’s and done this planet visit before and left peacefully. Until 3 months ago that is..when they got a message. She thinks one of them landed here before and I immediately realize Mor-El is a lying as mofo. She tells the team to do nothing, because they’re too powerful for the Flash to take on. But you know that’s just an open invitation for Barry to recruit the hit squad.

Sidebar: I almost burst a blood vessel in my temple I was dying so hard when Joe revealed himself to be an avid watcher of shows like Ancient Aliens. Fuckin hilarious.


He immediately hits the jets and is off to Star City where he yokes up Oliver Queen and Diggle, rescuing them from surefire death (as he always does in these crossovers). Dig pukes, of course. Barry tells Ollie that he needs his help and it absolutely killedddddd me when Oliver said, “What can I help you with another evil speedster?” Barry responds “Yea, actually but that’s not why I’m here. ALIENS!” Ollie suggests to hit up the Legends of Tomorrow for more manpower. Barry doesn’t bat an eyelash before he’s got Ollie, Dog, Felicity Da Hack Goddess, Speedy and Team Flash up in the Superhero Hanger Hideout waiting for the Legends to appear out of thin air.

Diggle doesn’t believe they can appear in that exact spot, in their time traveling space ship. Of course, they pop up right on time, right on the spot, and Barry immediately decides to get his very own alien to help out and Cisco begrudgingly opens up a recruitment breach.

Sidebar: Diggle’s confession as to why he never did drugs. Grade A fuckin hilarity. This episode is already off to a comedy filled, alien infested, Special Effects laced masterpiece.

We already saw Kara get picked up from school at the end of her own show, but the writers bless us with the hanger meet up where Felicity nearly looses her shit off the dopeness of Supergirl. Girl power on max.

Everyone suggests that the OG of the DC CW superhero squad, Green Arrow lead them but Oliver tells the group Barry is the who assembled this team so he should be in charge.. although Ollie directs everyone on what to do any fuckin way. Barry gets pulled aside by Iris who fangirls out crazy hard. Shorty could’ve revitalized the fan club for #DemBows after finding out Oliver Queen and Green Arrow was the same person. Barry straight saturated with Dead Sea saltiness then officially introduces Kara and Oliver. Ollie as sourpuss’ed and rough around the edges as he ever was.


Iris stops Wally at the Secret Hangar door when he pulls up to lend his hand. She lets him know how real this life is and he bolts out of there without a word. He was so unsuspecting just coming to throw out his assistance since they recruitment everybody and they moms to beat these aliens. All to get deaded by big sis.

Professor Stein and Jax brings Barry and Oliver to the side and plays them a tape left by future Barry which tells them about Flashpoint and not to trust current Barry. They begin to discuss what the tape means, but Ollie squashes that shit. One Sci-Fi problem at a time boys! The only one with any dam sense, Supergirl is busy putting the Dre Beats on everyone during training. Sarah gets turned on and the team realizes just how dope she really is.

American leaders discuss what to do with the exclusive knowledge Waller replacement from earlier, some Director Michael’s is out here trying to call the shots and threatens new Waller theeeeennnnn the aliens kidnap the president. Some sorry ass administrators.

Caitlin helps stein figure out why he’s having hallucinations. He goes to his wife’s house and finds out his daughter is there and immediately leaves. Must be a Flashpoint change up.

Flashpoint Fallout Continues

Cisco continues to wallow in his Barry hate and disappointment to the point Barry has to tell the team about the message from future Barry that warns the team he can’t be trusted. He’s forced to tell everyone how dangerous he can be by changing the timeline and once he reveals that’s baby John Dingle used to be baby Sarah they all do a 180 on the homie and leave his ass behind, despite needing to go save the President. Even after Oliver threatens to stay if Barry can’t go they still bounce pissed as all hell.

They pull up to the warehouse where the president is being held hostage and Heatwave begins to drop all the male chauvinist disrespect before going in and getting the president disintegrated and letting the Dominators whammy their asses with a mind control Jutsu.

Cisco hits up Barry and Oliver and lets them know STAR Labs is under attack. They rush over and one of the illest battles I’ve seen on television goes down. I’m talking the special effects department took a maaaaajor hit on this episode alone. Supergirl, Heatwave, Atom, White Canary, Firestorm, and Spartan are flying around causing pandemonium, sending heat blasts, arrows, shots, and laser beams at the building left and right. They unleash the fury on The Flash and Green Arrow when they arrive and are pinned behind a dumpster (like they showed in the opening scene of the episode..Breaking Bad/Early Walking Dead style).


After being hammered by repetitive shots, Wally eliminates all fucks he once had for what Joe and Iris say and runs down to help our free thinking duo. He lofts up an assist then gets taken out pretty damn swiftly, but his minimal help could’ve been the difference in this battle. Wally is carted off by Nurse Joy, then Flash and Green Arrow are forced to split up.

Green Arrow takes on Heatwave, Atom, White Canary, Firestorm, and Spartan and holds his own pretty well, considering the odds. Of course it’s only a matter of time before he runs out of ammo in the quiver and is about to take the L when we jump to the Scarlet Speedster and Kara the Kryptonian Killa.

Flash is the only one who can contest with Supergirl’s powers so he separates her from the group by challenging her to a good ol’ fashioned race but is really baiting her into following him to the mind control warehouse. He tricks her into attacking him and at the last minute he moves out of the way and the mind control wears off.

Amazing episode. It was honestly on low-key big-budget Marvel team-up movie levels. The adventure to take down the Dominators continued on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Unfortunately, my Arrow hatred has manifested in full blown Youtube comment disrespect and I gave up on Legends quicker than….

Flash Facts

It was nice to see Wally get a shot at being a bonafide hero, but like my fiancee said, (much to my surprise) “Wally needs a suit!”

It was nice to finally see Barry take that big step towards a leadership position in this DC universe, despite his inept abilities to initially take the lead in the hangar. Barry has played the little brother role in his years getting up to superhero speed but Flash and Green Arrow are finally seeing somewhat eye to eye. It was really powerful, but not forced to see Oliver stick by Barry, considering they are the OGs of this superhero gang.

SFX numbers be goin all the way up.

I’m really tired of Cisco being a depressed, angry little nerd because of Flashpoint. Get over it son. People die in this hero game! I want joke telling, villain naming, Mr. Ramon back.

Barry finally took a look at the super secret time room at S.T.A.R. Labs with the projected Newspaper from the future and it appears he affected more than just today’s timeline. The future looks altered as well. Flashpoint stipulations all over the place!

Tune in next week for that Mid-Season finale and don’t forget to catch up on our recaps from the first half of season 3 here!


  • Ja-Quan is a NYC teacher and artist holding a B.A. in Sociology and History from SUNY New Paltz. On his journey to become Hokage, the Lord of The Speed Force and Protector of the Recaps can be found North of The Wall, chopping it up on Twitter @OGquankinobi

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