The Flash Recap: Killer Frost

Season 3Episode 7 /The CW

And you say Kevin Smith City!

The nerdom super fan blesses The Flash with his talents, and he wastes ABSOLUTELY NO TIME picking right up where we left off. Barry yoked up to the ceiling by Savitar the Speed God.

Joe unloads a flurry of hot lead into the attacking monstrosity.. that he can’t even see! Doesn’t work. Hey, Joe! Might wanna stop Alchemy’s lackey from running away. He turns around and drops one of them dudes while the Flash is busy riding the Craig vs Debo roller coaster of embarrassment and broken bones. Reminiscent of every season’s big-bad-beat-the-brakes-off-Flash moment, Savitar flashes Barry to various points throughout the city and indiscriminately beats the daylights out of our hero until it’s time to bring Barry to the docks and finish him off accordingly.

Season 1 Reverse Flash Manhandling

Season 2 Zoom Gelatinous Legs & Backbone Violations

Season 3 Savitar Pinball Massacre 

Meanwhile, Team Flash is at Star Labs tracking Barry’s movements, trying to keep up with the Speed God’s out of this universe speed. This actual Speed GAWD makes it look like he’s teleporting from one place to another. That’s the kind of speed we dealing with this season. When they stop at the waterfront docks Cisco convinces Caitlin to go save Flash for once. Caitlin doesn’t wanna become evil so she refuses at first but joins Cisco in their rescue mission. They jump through the breach and find Savitar standing above Barry and we hear Shang Tsung yell out “FINISH HIM!” Caitlin can’t see him but fires an icy blast his way and ice sculptures the shit out of homeboy before he shakes it off and speeds out of there. And so begins the descent from Snow into Killer Frost.

S.T.A.R. Labs: The team tries to get a handle on Savitar’s speed. Wally is all crazy cocooned out. Nobody knows if he’ll come out a savage or not. Joe is the most concerned and feels he needs to do something other then stand around discussing how grim the situation looks. He chucks up the deuces and heads to see CCPD to have a word with the captured Alchemy lackey.

CCPD: Joe goes from dad cop to bad cop real quick as he’s interrogating the suspect. The perpetrator is banged up, beaten down, and broken in so many places that I found it absolutely hilarious that Joe went in for the crucial information pinch by snatching the little turd’s nose… but unfortunately, we do not get to see Joe descend into his own evil self. Caitlin knocks on the door and whispers to Joe that Wally is awake, alive, and well so he obviously bolts for the door to go check on his son.

Caitlin doesn’t let that door close though. Oh no, she slides up into that Police Department DM and begins her own interrogation of the acolyte. She doesn’t get many answers from him before other officers try to get into the interrogation room so Caitlin breathes out a Hidden Mist Jutsu and escapes when the officers enter but do not notice her presence. There was one person who noticed her exit.. and that happened to be Draco Julian Dickfoy, who she kidnaps and lays out big plans for.

S.T.A.R. Labs: Joe gets back to the same old cocooned son and worried team. Poppa West is like “Da fuq yo?!” and the team quickly realizes Caitlin has gone rogue.

[quote_simple]Sidebar: Despite my preference for Cisco shitting all over HR’s life day in and day out, I love it when the man actually has a good idea and contributes to the team.[/quote_simple]

He suggests that the team use the same method as they did when hunting down Captain Cold and BOOM! Validation occurs when they get a ping back on a frozen food warehouse.

Frozen Food Warehouse: Caitlin quickly turns into and unintelligent one track minded villain when she forces Julian to use his Cisco skills to find the other acolytes helping Dr. Alchemy. Apparently, he got skills in the detective game as well as the computer hacking game because he quickly finds the individuals who have searched Savitar recently. Being the professional pretentious dick that he is, Julian sends out a text to the newest guest starring member of the CCPD, Hero alumni, Matt Parkman mind reader. Aaaaaaand that text puts him in Killer Frost’s icy death cross hairs. She’s about to go off the villain deep end before Barry rushes in to stop her from herself.

Julian tries to convince the Flash to take her out, which results in my absolute favorite part of this episode when he flash decks the shit out of him so that they can talk meta to meta. Oh and there’s one more thing. Team Flash knows the location of this hideout and is always listening in. Caitlin goes off about this being Barry’s fault, how he has caused so much trouble and turmoil with flashpoint. Him causing the death of Cisco’s brother Dante is all taken in and the animosity towards Barry continues to grow. He doesn’t do a very good job at convincing Caitlin to not go after the Alchemy lackeys. CCPD rolls up and fires immediate shots Killer Frost’s way, but Barry saves her.. obviously. As thanks, she freeze-dislocates one of Barry’s muscles / bones which leaves him unable to run for 4 hours, even with his regenerative powers.

S.T.A.R. Labs: Team Flash contemplates which acolyte’s address to hit first, so they decide to divide and conquer as they do so well. Cisco heads to one house and HR joins Joe at the other location while Barry stays back to recuperate and watch over cocoon Wally with Iris.

Dem Streetz: Caitlin drops the core temp inside this acolyte’s home and corners the man once he goes to check on his thermostat. Luckily for Caitlin, this dude contains a lot more info that he willingly gives up when she threatens to ice his ass.
Caitlin Frost: Can Alchemy take powers away?
Acolyte: Yes, Alchemy both giveth and taketh power. Although, in the end he is but a pawn for Savitar the Speed God, Miss Caitlin Snow.
Caitlin: How you know my government?
Acolyte: Savitar has shown me the future. You were very powerful, he has big plans for you.

Cisco shows up to convince Caitlin to step away from the deep end, but she’s already treading water in the 5 ft zone.

She responds with a flurry of ice blasts somewhat reminiscent of the Vibe battle that Cisco saw in the future. Barry shows up but is quickly taken down because he isn’t fully healed..and cuz Caitlin’s a genius. While on the ground, he unloads a mean ass leg sweep on her, which he immediately apologizes about. That’s what’s good Barry?? Mid battle “sorrys” son?! I don’t give a dam how good of friends yall have become over these past three years, if she’s coming for your neck you take her out! Instead, she gets on her Poison Ivy Icy game and lays a hypothermic kiss of destruction on the Flash turning him into a White Walker. Luckily Vibe was there to knock her into next Tuesday so Flash could shake off that frosty kiss of death.

S.T.A.R. Labs: Team Flash locks up Killer Frost in the Pipeline. She lookin’ all sorts of Charlize Theron in Monster. Barry is all down on himself until Iris hits him with that milk chocolate sweet talk. Cant lie, the call back to the dependent on each other line was kind of adorable.

Meanwhile, Joe enlists HR to help him bust Wally out of the cocoon, cuz he can’t bare the thought of him emerging like Caitlin. There’s a power surge so everybody rushes upstairs to see Joe taking a power saw to metamorphic Wally. Cocoon explodes, but Barry saves everybody as Wally emerges vibrating at insanely high speeds.

He bolts and the team wonders what to do. They need Caitlin so Barry goes down to the Pipeline to do what he does best. Inspire hope and love in everyone he ever meets. He lets the lady killer out of her cell and dares her to kill him. Things get frosty but Caitlin eventually realizes that she’s not about that life and agrees to help Wally once he’s found.

Late Episode Shockers

Joe remembers that Wally always reverted back to the house he grew up in, so Joe and Barry locate him standing outside mom dukes’ old crib and then sedate him before bringing him in.

Central City Hospital: Barry rolls up to Draco Dickfoy’s room to convince him to not snitch on Caitlin. He wasn’t trying to hear it until Barry admits he would do anything to keep his friend from being locked up. Julian ‘Barry Hater Supreme’ Albert agrees to keep his mouth shut and Barry has to quit being a CSI at the CCPD.

We find out that Draco ‘Asshole of the Year’ Julian was Alchemy all along and is being summoned by Savitar once again. I would say that I called it, but everybody and they moms knew that was goin’ down.

S.T.A.R. Labs: Turns out Wally is doin’ all right. Homeboy is killin the Speed Force track at a higher level than Barry’s first time testing out the quickness. He’s the happiest kid alive.

Flash Facts

Kevin Smith came out SWINGIN’!

4 Way Crossover Event All Next Week!

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